From “7th Sense” To the Cover of the Song “I Like Me Better”; Let’s Check Out NCT 127’s Jaehyun Throughout Time!

Let’s Check Out NCT 127′  Jung Jaehyun in Every Era!

Who doesn’t know about Na Jaehyun, or as we know him, NCT’s Jaehyun? He’s part of NCT’s sub-units NCT 127 and NCT U. Jaehyun is mostly knows as the member who has a dimple when he smiles, and also the member who has the most muscles out of all of them. Jaehyun has a special persona, and is one of the members of NCT that could be said to be the bias of a billion people! Jaehyun is also known for his amazing rap and being good at vocals, and those are all the reasons why he has so many fans who love him. It’s not only because of his voice; his performances in every music video or comeback era left fans amazed!

How has his look changed from the 7th Sense era until now? In this article Channel-Korea will give you the information about NCT’s Jaehyun From the “7th Sense” through the cover of the song “I Like Me Better”. Check this out!

7th Sense

“7th Sense” is a title track from the NCT sub-unit NCT U’s first single, and the music video they released in 2016.  The members of this sub-unit are Mark, Taeyong, Ten, Doyoung, and Jaehyun. This song is their first debut song to be introduced by the sub-unit.

At that time, Jaehyung was 20. In the music video, Jaehyung was wearing a black jacket with a black mask, and his hair was brown with the messy curls. Jaehyun’s voice is really pretty cool and soft to hear, but there’s still a manly sensation! Although the music video is set in neon lights or neon colors, but his visual is still looking clean and it made people talk!

Look at of some photos of Jaehyun from the “7th Sense” era!

Fire Truck

Two of NCT’s sub-units are named NCT U and NCT 127, and NCT 127 is made up of members who are already at least 20. One of them is Jaehyun. NCt 127 debuted with “Fire Truck,” one of the tracks from their first mini-album and their first debut! This song is a beat-heavy number that is a combination of hip-hop and trap.

“Fire Truck” has lyrics that try to tell the audience (listeners) to be chill and not feel stress during their daily activities. The lyrics of the song are depicted in the video with the visuals of the NCT 127 members having fun with firefighting sprays in the various locations, from the pool to school to the workplace.

Different to Jaehyun’s involvement in NCT U’s first single “The 7th Sense,” in this song every member dresses in the grunge style with a little gotix style thrown in, and they look like a gang, with thick eyeliner like in Jaehyun’s style below!

In the photo teaser above,Jaehyun’s hair is black and a bit spiky. For the fashion style, he wore a short-sleeved shirt with a thick, black, laced necklace. Under his eyes, the make up is a little dark, and is a combination of dark brown and black color which makes a strong and sharp impression. This is also the same as Jaehyun’s photos below!

In the photo above, Jaehyun wears a white jacket over his t-shirt. The necklace that he wore looks like it was made of plastic rings, or a long necklace that make the characteristic of a gang member, and on his neck he also had a red belt which he made into a necklace.

In the third photo, Jaehyun wore a red hat, with long, heavy chain accesories, especially on the earrings that he wear!


“Limitless” is the 2nd mini-album from NCT 127 in 2017. On this era, NCT 127 got two new members, Johnny and Doyoung, bringing the lineup to nine members in total. Still the same as their other songs or mini-albums, in “Limitless” they still focus on the R&B, EDM, trap, and hip-hop genres.

Before the song was released, SMTOWN had released some teaser clips for each of the members. For Jaehyun’s teaser clip, released on January 3, 2017, it was made with two parts. The first teaser, which lasted 13 seconds, showed Jaehyun with blonde hair, with a kind of dreadlocks hair style, and his clothes were in the hip-hop style, with a blue shirt and a track suit/training clothes.

In the second clip, that’s like cut scene of the music video (MV), on Jaehyun’s singing part, he’s in a red shirt and wearing several chains. This is the same as in photo teaser below, which shows his hip-hop style with an oversized jacket. So, look at the photos on below!


The song from NCT U entitled “Boss” is one of the biggest hits of all the NCT U songs. This song is about leaders who challenge each other to prove who is the greatest, although in the end, they realized that being together would be far better than fighting each other.

The “Boss” concept makes every NCTzen scream because it wasn’t just about bad-boy looks, but also looking so cool as young people. Moreover, for Jaehyun, he looks more mature with an casual outfit, but combined with the thick, red quarter-zip that covers his mouth. With this outfit, Jaehyuun really looks like boyfriend-material!


“Regular” is the title track from NCT 127’s first album, with the title Regular-Irregular, which had released in 2018. This song has two versions for its music video, one in English and another version in Korean. Because of this track their NCT’s name has become famous in the USA. The song carried the concept of bad boys with an elegant look, who are ambitious and rebellious. Every member has a different ouftit, and each of them can give different aura, such as Jaehyun. So, here are Jaehyun’s photos from the “Regular” era!

I Like Me Better (Cover Songs)

On August 22, 2019, Jaehyun uploaded a new music video for the song he covered, which is Lauv’s song with the title I Like Me Better. The music video was recorded in Paris and London when NCT 127 held the NEO CITY – THE ORIGIN tour a few months before. Unlike Lauv’s video, which brings the romanticism of a young couple, Jaehyun looks alone with a camera in his hand.

The romanticism given in Jaehyun’s video also exists when he’s walking around the cities of Paris and London with his fans, capturing the moment and enjoyment of the beautiful night in the city of Paris.

His music video has been watched by over 15 million people, and received 946K likes! His cover was also noticed by the artist who originally performed it.

Jaehyun’s appearance in this music video is very simple and casual, he just wears a black T-shirt and black trousers, and the black jacket that he was carring in his hand. Moreover, his hair color gives a manly, but sweet effect, such as in the behind the scenes photos below!

Latest News!

Not long ago, on January 23, 2020, Jaehyun’s agency (SM Entertainment) announced that his group (NCT 127) would comeback around February or March, and SM would release more information about it later. More news about NCT 127’s comeback is that they will do a comeback with Jungwoo, but there’s been no explanation yet about WinWin, regarding whether or not he will participate in this comeback.

Before the comeback, Jaehyun and the other NCT 127 members released a special video, Dream Comes True, on the official YouTube Channel of SMTOWN. In the video, Taeyong, Taeil, Doyoung, Johnny, Yuta, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan, and Jaehyun were wearing black suits and dancing in a ’90s boy-band style against a plain white backround which added to the old-fashioned looks.

Previously, NCT 127 finished shooting for the upcoming album. Regading all of this, NCTzens are really impatient for their comeback!

It seems that NCTzens must be more patient to wait for their comeback days!

That’s everything about NCT’s Jaehyun From “7th Sense” to the cover of the song “I Like Me Better”. Don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comment box!