Four Ladies (4L): Profile, Facts, Controversies, and Disbandment

Members’ Departures and Disbandment


In 2015, Yeseul decided to leave the group due to the many controversies surrounding the group. She also revealed that all of those concepts didn’t suit her and made her feel like someone else. Yeseul revealed her regrets and shame for doing such a thing, even if it was one of the ways to survive. But then Yeseul came back and performed the single “Move” again with and Jayoung at the Wanda Group Investment Conference, under a group called Instar.

Meanwhile, in 2016, J-na and Jayoung revealed that they are re-debuting as a duo with trot genre named J.Young. The duo released several singles such as “I Don’t Know” and “Ramyon With Me Tonight.” This was followed by the taking down of the official 4L website, and people started to speculate that 4L has been disbanded. Moreover, another member, Chany, also didn’t appear with the other 4L members for quite a long time.

Where Are They Now?


People might be curious about the current situation of 4L members. Since the group has been disbanded for several years, the ex-members were separated and each took her own path in the entertainment industry. But still, it seems that the four of them are also trying to pursue their own dreams as K-Pop idols, right? Just like Yeseul, she decided to pursue a career as a solo singer and released her own single as well as moved to another agency, Ziantmusic and Ogan Entertainment.


Then Chany moved to a new agency named HY Entertainment, and debuted with her new girl group called Ureka in November 2016 and released the single “Get Down.”


Chany’s Instagram updates:

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Meanwhile, there’s only a little information about Jayoung and J-na since their last re-debut as the duo J.Young, we also couldn’t find their updates on other social media as well. But it seems that both Jayoung and J-na are still pursuing their careers in the entertainment industry.

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