Former U-KISS Member, AJ: The Reason Behind His Departure and His Latest News

Joining a New Agency


On June 13th, 2017, AJ joined a new agency, Rooftop Company. The agency posted an official statement about AJ, who used to be an active member of U-KISS and Paran, that he would be debuting as a solo artist named Si-yoon. The statement also announced that AJ has joined Rooftop Company as a new member of their family.

The agency said that Si-yoon showcased his potential for music when he wrote lyrics and composed songs back when he was an idol member. The agency added that Si-yoon worked hard during his long break in order to find his own color and has a plan to repay his fans’ love with new music.

Solo Activities

Siyoon and

Si-yoon released his debut solo mini-album titled Surreal, But Nice on July 20th, 2017. The mini-album consists of eight tracks, with “Beauty” serving as the album’s title track. Si-yoon released his second mini-album, Cubism on April 13th, 2018. The mini-album consists of five tracks, with “Alone” serving as the album’s title track. Some of the songs in his second mini-album are featuring other singers, namely Kate Kim, Kang Min-hee of Miss $, and Seo Ja-young.

Si-yoon applied for The Unit, KBS’ television show that takes idols who have not been successful in the industry and gives them another chance. Two nine-member groups, one male and one female, will be formed by the winners at the end of the show. However, he didn’t make through the audition.

Latest News


Si-yoon was a guest in episode 185 of Problematic Men, which aired on December 11th, 2018. Problematic Men is a TV show where the guests and the cast are given a set of puzzles to solve. He was one of the guests, along with AIVAN, UNIQ’s Sungjoo, Han Min-se, SF9’s Inseong, and many others.

Si-yoon uploaded a picture of him and other guests and the cast of Problematic Men on his Instagram account. He wrote:

“2018.12.11 Problematic Men. Thank you to the Problematic Men team, the Problematic Men panelists, and the motivational motivators who have given me unforgettable chances and memories. #ProblematicMan #ProblematicManInternTraining”