Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Divorces His Wife After Three Years! What Happened?

Former Maknae of U-KISS, Dongho

Shin Dong-ho, or as he’s better known, Dongho (stage name), is a former South Korean Singer. Dongho started his debut in the entertainment industry as part of a boy-group called U-KISS, which is an acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star. The group debuted in 2008. under NH Media. Although he was the most active member in U-KISS, Dongho decided to leave the group in 2013, due to health concerns and the other personal issues.

Dongho’s departure came on the heels of the departures of original group members Kibum and Alexander leaving in 2011, and AJ doing the same in 2012. After Dongho left the group, Kevin also decided to leave, in 2014. U-KISS’s lineup had already changed several times, and now consisted of five members, Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon, and Jun.

Back in 2015, Dongho sparked some controversy when he decided to marry at a such a young age, and in 2017 he announced he was getting divorced. In response to his controversial marriage, different people give various comments, whether it was against him or to keep supporting him.

Want to find out more about Dongho’s personal life? Let’s check it out!

Profile and Facts of Dongho

Full Profile

Real Name/ Hangul : Shin Dong-ho / 신동호
Stage Name : Dongho
Date of Birth : June 29, 1994
Place of Birth : Yeouido, South Korea
Zodiac Sign : Cancer
Blood Type : B
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 62 kg
Nationality : South Korean
Education : Seoul Yonggang Middle School, Hanrim Entertainment Arts School
Occupation : singer, actor, DJ
Agency : NH Media (2008-2013)
Years Active : 2008-2013
Twitter : @Dongho94


  1. Dongho has an elder brother named Donhjin
  2. His father is the president of a production company
  3. He used to study in Beijing, China, when he was young. As a result, he speaks fluent Mandarin.
  4. He joined U-KISS in 2008 and became the most active member of the group
  5. He left U-KISS in October, 2013, due to health and other personal issues
  6. Dongho’s first acting experience was in Villain and Widow, as a middle school student
  7. He loves meat, but is allergic to crab
  8. His favorite color is pink
  9. Dongho’s ideal type : A girl who’s honest, around 168 cm tall (5’5”) and weight around 45 kg (99 lbs).

Departure from U-KISS

In October, 2013, U-KISS fans were sad to hear another member of U-KISS, Dongho, was leaving the group. NH Media gave an official announcement at the time, “Dongho will be absent from team promotions starting with U-KISS’ new album, which will be released this month, and he will be putting a hold on his activities as a celebrity.

Starting from the beginning of this year, Dongho’s determination about being active as a celebrity weakened, and he has revealed that he doesn’t believe his health condition and stamina fit well with the life of a singer… After a long discussion with his parents, we have decided to accept their decision… Dongho expressed that he wanted to live a normal life rather than that of a celebrity.

At the end of the announcement, the agency concluded,”Although the decision of Dongho’s leave from the group is one that causes harm to the team’s activities, the members have all decided to accept this change as well… Although we feel burdened by the empty spot, the group will release a new album as scheduled, as six members.”

In 2017, Dongho appeared on a variety show and opened up about how it felt when he was in U-KISS. He visited his old room, and saw all the fan letters that he used to receive and some old pictures of him.  “These aren’t just photos I can reminisce about as happy memories,” Dongho said.

He continued, “If you ask me to return to that lifestyle now, I can’t. I would come home every day at three in the morning, sleep for just three hours and the alarm would ring. It was so difficult. I don’t have happy memories [of that lifestyle].”

He then revealed, “I still have sleeping pills under my bed and I have medicine for depression.” Dongho was known to be seeing a psychiatrist during his time with U-KISS. At this time, he only focused on his non-celebrity lifestyle and active as a DJ.


Dongho wed his non-celebrity wife, Lee See-hee, on November 28, 2015. Dongho was only 21 years old (22 in Korea), and his wife was just one year older than he was. Although they were very young at the time, Dongho seemed so sure about the marriage. In a phone interview with Daily Sports, he said, “I want to marry quickly because I met a good person. I’ve been wanting to marry since a while ago and I really love my bride.

Dongho also spoke in detail about his planning, “It’s been about one and a half years since we’ve been in a relationship. Honestly, we’re both very young, but I’ve been wanting to marry early and even said as much many times before. And my girlfriend shared my thoughts. When we starting seeing each other, we discussed marriage should things progress well between us.”

“Truth be told, we had thought about marrying even earlier but our parents stopped us. They advised us to meet for a long time before marrying, but now we believe we’re ready. To others, our relationship period may seem a bit short, but we got to know each other plenty and prepared [for marriage] little by little. I don’t think I need to say how much we love each other when we decided to marry at such a young age.”

When the couple married, there were some rumors suggesting it was brought about because the bride was pregnant. Dongho denied those rumors several times, but his son, Asher Shin, was born in May, just six months after the wedding. On July 13, 2016, Dongho revealed his reasons in Radio Star. 

He said, This could seem like an excuse, but we were already preparing to have a wedding this year, but during the preparation, we found out that she was carrying a child. My wife wanted to marry when she was at her prettiest.  In the end, we pulled up the date and married.  I told people around me that they were right.  I was worried the attention on my non-celebrity wife would be negative, so I had no choice but to say that there was no premarital pregnancy.


After almost three years together as a married couple, Dongho and Lee See-hee decided to divorce in September, 2018. Due to rapidly circulating rumors, Dongho’s father, CEO Shin Shung-cul, released a statement. “All the divorce proceedings have already been carried out. There’s not much left. It was due to personality differences because they weren’t compatible.” He continued, “My heart isn’t feeling well, but what can I do. It’s disappointing, but I think good opportunities will come as they live on.”

He also revealed that they would both continue to take care of the baby, and it would be better if the baby stayed with the mother. As for Dongho’s future plans, he said, “He doesn’t have any interest in returning to the entertainment industry. He wants to live free and work as a DJ.”


Dongho also posted to his Facebook page, he confirmed the news and wrote some messages to people. “This was a decision made after a lot of discussions and worrying. Since I did not separate from my child’s mother due to a bad relationship, we will take responsibility as our child’s parents until the very end despite ending our relationship as a married couple.

Lastly, I am a person who has already been exposed to mass communication, but I would like to make an earnest request to everyone for this to not become an even greater wound for my son as he grows up. Thank you.

Latest News


Dongho’s ex-wife, Lee See-hee, recently spoke up about the comments that netizens directed to her and her child. She uploaded this on her personal Instagram account instastory, “Why is my son pitiful? I’ll make my son the happiest in the world. Why are you blabbering your mouths when you don’t know anything? I can stand everything but (this). I hope those who speak of my son as they wish to get exactly the same in return.


Well, she’s definitely mad at the people who said that her son is pitiful. Let’s support what Dongho, his ex-wife, and their son’s paths for now, and wish them happiness in life!