Profile of Ah-reum: Former T-ARA Member Who Became a Mother

ahreum t ara profile

Han Ah-reum’s Full Profile, Facts, Career Journey, Ex-Boyfriend, Wedding, & Announcement of Her First Son!

T-ARA is well-known as one of the popular girl groups from South Korea with several top hits that it has successfully released such as “Roly Poly,” “Lovey Dovey,” “Day by Day,” “Cry Cry,” “Sugar Free,” and many more. It turns out that it has a lot of history from its career journey after becoming a popular girl group. There must be many who know T-ARA with its easy-to-listen-to and upbeat songs and its energetic performances. But, do you know about the members of T-ARA from the time they debuted to their latest line-up?

In this article, Channel-Korea has provided complete information about a former member of T-ARA who has a very strong vocal character, which is Ah-reum. The member who is also part of the T-ARA N4 sub-unit turned out to be only actively promoting for 1 year and had participated in the survival show The Unit. What made fans surprised was when Ah-reum became married and gave birth to a baby boy.

Why is her career unfolding like that? Let’s take a look at the answer in more detail in the article below!

Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum’s Full Profile

ahreum t ara profile

Real Name: Lee Ah-reum (Hangul: 이아름)

Stage Name: Han Ah-reum (Hangul: 한아름)

Birth: Jung District, Ulsan, South Korea, April 19, 1994

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Buddhism


  • Muryong Middle School
  • Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School, Practical Music Department

Active Period: T-ARA (2012-2013)

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist, Rapper

Official Site: Instagram ( @Ah-reum0ju )

Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum’s Facts

ahreum t ara profile
  1. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum was added to T-ARA’s sub-unit T-ARA N4’s along with Ji-yeon, Hyo-min, and Eun-jung
  2. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum was added as a T-ARA member on July 7, 2012
  3. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum was the second member to be announced
  4. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum left the group in 2013 after going through a lot of hardships in the group and becoming involved in a scandal
  5. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum decided to resign from MBK Entertainment to become a soloist
  6. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum became a participant in the survival show The Unit in 2018, 4 years after leaving her previous group
  7. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum jokingly said, “Is there a person who likes to bully in a team?” during one of the missions on KBS The Unit
  8. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum revealed through her Instagram that she fell in love with actor Lee Seung-jae the day after she was eliminated from The Unit
  9. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum
  10. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum’s parents are working in the music industry, and they easily stay in contact with music
  11. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum almost debuted in the same team as Heo Young-ji back when they were trainees in MBK Entertainment and also with Girls Day’s Min-ah’s sister, Bang Hyun-ah, who finally debuted in 2016 as a member of Wannabe
  12. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum used to audition for JYP Entertainment
  13. Former T-ARA’s Ah-reum developed her dance skills by joining a school dance club when she was in middle school

T-ARA’s Ahreum’s Pre-Debut Story

ahreum t ara profile

Ah-reum was born with the name Lee Ah-reum and is now known as Han Ah-reum. She doesn’t have many pre-debut stories, but she is a daughter born to a fairly wealthy family because both of her parents work in the music industry.

ahreum t ara profile

That is also the reason why there are many photos circulating from before Ah-reum’s debut. She often took pictures with K-pop idols and is seen hanging out with idols who were quite popular at the time.

ahreum t ara profile

In addition, Ah-reum was also the best student in her class for the last few years before she graduated and had a pretty good talent during her trainee period before finally debuting as a member of T-ARA in 2013.