All About Former Super Junior Member, Han Kyung (Hangeng)

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Han Geng, or also known as Han-kyung in Korea, is a Chinese singer and actor. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you all information about him, including his profile, summary of his career, relationship with Heechul, and more! So, stay tuned!

Han-Kyung’s Profile

Entertainment Company: Yuehua Entertainment

Stage Name: Hangeng/韩 庚/한경
Real Name : Han Geng /韩 庚/Han Kyung/ Joshua Tan
Nicknames: Beijing Fried Rice, Dragon
Birthday: February 9, 1984
Birthplace: Mudanjiang, Hei Long Jiang
Blood Type: B
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Kpop group: former member of Super Junior and subgroup Super Junior-M
Languages: Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese
Instruments: None
Hobbies: Chinese traditional dance, ballet, playing computer games
Siblings: None
Education: Beijing Dance Academy; Central University for Nationalities
Fans: Gengster, GengFan


  • At first, Hangeng know only a few words of Korean, but with time he got more and more fluent.
  • Hangeng can perform a lot of different dance styles. This includes all 56 Chinese traditional dances.
  • Hangeng does martial arts.
  • Hangeng is a very good person. He sends his money to his parents in China, and he even bought a dumpling restaurant for his mother.
  • With ELF’s votes, Hangeng was chosen as one of the torchbearers during Olympics 2008.
  • He is the only Chinese member of the group.
  • He is the leader of Super Junior M.
  • Hangeng was about to walk into the SM building, when a huge, extremely tall fangirl ran towards him at the speed of 60 mph. “Oppa!” Hangeng freaked out, dropped his card, and started pounding on the door fanatically, crying for help.
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He always carries a Chinese-Korean dictionary.
  • He is the Mr. Beijing Fried Rice of Super Junior.
  • He didn′t speak any Korean when he arrived in Korea.
  • He never spends his money, because he saves it for his parents

Han-Geng’s Career

He started his career in 2001, when he was chosen by S.M. Entertainment to become a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, who debuted in 2005. He later became the leader of its sub-group Super Junior-M in 2008. On December 21, 2009, Han filed a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract. He has since returned to China to pursue a solo career. On September 27, 2011, Han Geng’s departure from SM Entertainment was made official, as both parties came to a mutual agreement.

For his various contributions to the spread of Chinese culture, Han was chosen as a torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He later became an ambassador for the 2010 Shanghai Expo and the 2010 Asian Games as well. In late 2012, Han started to gain international attention, and won the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards’ “Best Worldwide Act” and Nickelodeon’s 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards’ “Favorite Asian Act”.

Han-Kyung/Han-Geng with Heechul

Geng: “We filmed a reality show for almost 2 months with 2 foreign girls I think Anna & Eva? It was very fun”
Geng: “Heechul used to fight/shout at the members a lot especially Kibum because he doesn’t speak formally. I used to get scared and sad because of them.”

Han-Geng Mask, “Twins”

Han-Geng in 2017

In 2017, Han was cast in the fantasy suspense film The Great Detective.In July, he was featured in the propaganda film The Founding of an Army, playing the role of Zhang Xueliang. The same month, he was cast in the film adaptation of the popular video game Dynasty Warriors, playing the role of Guan Yu. In December, Han reprised his role as Meng Yun in the third installment of the Ex-file franchise