Former SNSD Member Tiffany Young’s Stories: From Her Love Life to Her Latest News

Tiffany Young’s Tattoos and their Meaning

Tiffany Tattoo Toujours Belle

You might not believe it, but Tiffany has two tattoos on her body! Her tattoos are not some kind of big, luxurious tattoo that will catch your eye at first sight, but rather they are tattoos which are hard to find. But once you find her tattoos, you will find it beautiful for its simplicity.

Her first tattoo is a beautifully written “Toujours belle,” located on her upper back. The meaning of this tattoo is “always beautiful” which is well suited to herself.

Tiffany Tattoo Dreamer

Her second tattoo is almost going unnoticeable because it is located on her finger. The tattoo on her finger is the word “dreamer,” which serves to remind her to always keep dreaming. She has also shared this tattoo with her fans on her Instagram account. Her tattoos are simple but beautiful, don’t you think?

Tiffany Young’s Relationship

Tiffany Nichkhun

Tiffany’s most supported relationship has probably been when she dated with fellow artist Nichkhun, a member of 2PM. They officially became a couple in 2014, and their fans adored them so much they gave them the nickname Khunfanny. But their relationship ended after a little over a year due to their busy schedules.

Tiffany Gray

Later, in 2017, media outlet Dispatch reported that she has been dating rapper Gray for 3 years. It is also said that their relationship is already well-known in the hip-hop industry. The two of them first met when working together on a music project in 2015, where Tiffany contacted AOMG’s Cha Cha Malone for her comeback and got closer with Gray while discussing her songs.

In 2016, their dating rumor leaked but was later denied by both of them, saying they are just friends. SM Entertainment also confirmed this by saying that Tiffany and Gray’s relationship has been misunderstood and they are nothing more than friends. However, it was reported that the two had been seen traveling in New York together. It had been reported that they went separately but later met up in New York. Looking at these facts, people are doubting if their relationship is purely friendship and they still speculate that they are actually dating in real life.

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