Former SNSD Member Tiffany Young’s Stories: From Her Love Life to Her Latest News

Tiffany Young

The Beautiful Tiffany Young

In the K-Pop industry, there is just no way you haven’t heard of Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation is one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups and they are also respected by their juniors in the entertainment industry. Not only they are skilled in singing and dancing, but they also shine in variety shows and the world of acting in general. One of their members is Tiffany Young, who carried the role of Girls’ Generation’s lead vocal. Are you curious about her latest news? Let’s have a look at her profile first to learn more about her!

Tiffany Young’s Profile

tiffany young

Stephanie Hwang, now known with her stage name Tiffany Young, was a member of Girls’ Generation. Tiffany was born in San Fransisco, California on July 1st, 1989. She has two siblings, an older sister named Michelle and an older brother named Leo. After her contract with SM Entertainment ended, she returned to America because she wanted to learn about acting. She later made her debut in the States under Paradigm Talent Agency, the same agency that represents many famous artists, such as Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Imagine Dragons, Idina Menzel, and many others.

Previously, she was active on social media with @xolostephi as her username. But after she started her international solo career, she revived her online social presence with a new username @tiffanyyoungofficial! You can check her recent activities on Facebook, WeiboInstagram or her official website!

Tiffany Young’s Career Journey

Tiffany Holler

Tiffany was scouted by SM Entertainment after participating in a singing contest. She first moved to Korea at the age of 15 and became an SM trainee, which lasted for almost four years. She officially made her debut with Girls’ Generation in 2007 and used Tiffany as her stage name, because Tiffany is the name her mother originally wanted to give her when she was born.

In 2011, Tiffany made her debut as a musical actress by performing the leading role in a Korean adaptation of the popular musical Fame. The next year, she was included in Girls’ Generation sub-unit TTS, consisting of members in charge of vocal, Taeyeon, Seohyun, and herself. Their debut song “Twinkle” received a lot of love and managed to succeed in making the album the eighth highest selling of the year. The group later released other songs, such as “Holler” in 2014 and “Dear Santa” in 2015.

Tiffany Heartbreak Hotel

Since 2014, she also began to participate in writing music and started her solo work during the summer of 2015. Her solo album I Just Wanna Dance was finally released in 2016 and she became the second member of Girls’ Generation to have a solo album. The album ranked at number three both on the Billboard World Album Chart and the Gaon Album Chart. It was also chosen as the seventh best K-pop album of the year by Billboard. Not long after, she released a single featuring Simon Dominic, “Heartbreak Hotel”through SM Station. In October 2016, she was featured in Far East Movement’s single “Don’t Speak”taken from their album Identity.

Tiffany Over My Skin

In 2017, along with fellow members Sooyoung and Seohyun, she parted ways with Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment. She returned to her hometown in America and later, in March 2018, released a digital single titled “Remember Me.” In June 2018, Tiffany was confirmed to have officially made her US debut under Paradigm Talent Entertainment with the release of the album titled Over My Skin. Recently, in September 2018, she released her new single “Teach You.”

Tiffany in Fashion King Korea

While being active in the music field, she has also made appearances as a cameo in two KBS dramas titled Unstoppable Marriage and The Producers. She was also active in both reality and variety shows; she became a regular cast of Kko Kko Tours Single Single, Fashion King Korea, and Sister’s Slam Dunk. 

In Fashion King Korea, where she was paired with the national top designer and competed in fashion challenges and missions, at the end of the program she managed to secure the third rank for her partner Ji Il-geun and herself. Meanwhile, she had to drop out from Sister’s Slam Dunk because of the controversy she made, when she posted a photo that included the Japanese flag and the Rising Sun Flag while Korea was celebrating its Liberation Day. This put her under serious scrutiny and she received heavy criticism, followed by an official apology for her lack of knowledge.