Get To Know Former MISS A Member–Meng Jia

Miss A’s Disbandment and Meng Jia’s Future

miss a meng jia profile

A lot of sad news came through in 2017 for K-Pop fans. Starting from idol groups that disbanded, until someone died. In terms of girl groups, JYP Entertainment announced that the girl group consisting of Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy officially disbanded on December 27th, 2020. Previously, Miss A had also been on hiatus and several members decided to leave the agency.

Jia had previously decided not to renew her contract with JYP Entertainment in 2016. Min also left the agency a year later. Fei and Suzy decided to stay in JYP. Fei extended her contract in May 2016, while Suzy in August 2017. Since then all the members wanted to focus on their solo careers.

Regarding the disbandment of Miss A, Jia shared her opinion through her Weibo account on the same day that JYP Entertainment announced Miss A’s disbandment.

Meng Jia’s Solo Activity

miss a meng jia profile

Even though Miss A no longer exists as a four-member formation, not long ago, one of its personnel, Meng Jia or familiarly known as Jia, chose to leave. Not only from Miss A but also from JYP Entertainment, the management that raised her name. Each member’s different contracts give Jia the freedom to choose whether she will continue her career at JYP or not. Finally, the personnel from China chose to stop at Park Jin-young’s management.

“Jia’s contract with JYP expires on May 20th, 2016. We will support Jia who has spent a long time with JYP and hope that her future will be brighter,” said the management representative.

“Only Jia is leaving. Miss A will not be disbanded. It’s just that there are no plans for an album release and a comeback for the time being. Each member will focus on individual activities,” they said. Jia’s decision was very unfortunate. But it seems that the idol born on February 3rd, 1990, wants to focus on her career in China as an actress, considering that she has been known in her homeland as a film star.

Jia’s departure from Miss A seemed to continue the trend of leaving K-Pop groups that had often occurred during the last three years. Many Chinese stars who have careers in Korea choose to go home like some other idols from outside South Korea.

In June 2016, a news agency reported that she has joined a new agency after terminating her contract with JYP Entertainment, one of the Big Three agencies in South Korea where she had been working and debuted as a member of Miss A. Jia’s joining was marked by a press conference held on June 8th, 2016, in Shanghai. At the conference, this 1990-born singer was flooded with congratulations from friends such as Amber, Nichkhun, Kim Heechul, Fei, and EXID.

“Jia joins Banana Entertainment. I hope you can get various activities in China,” Nichkhun said. “Everyone, please support Jia’s activities in China, cheerful Meng Jia. I will continue to pay attention to you,” Amber said.

“Jia, congratulations on your new step,” Heechul said. “Congratulations to my friend Jia who has joined Banana. Hopefully, you can achieve what you want in China,” Kris Wu said. These congratulations also came from several other artists such as B.A.P and Zhou Mi.

During the press conference, Jia also had the opportunity to perform her energetic dance. The singer who now goes by the name Meng Jia will soon be working on her first solo album and will focus more on promotional activities in China.

In November 2016, Jia released her music video titled “Drip”. Carrying dark shades, this former girl group partner with Fei appeared in a black dress. Meanwhile, the impression of being sexy is also highlighted in her appearance when wearing a thin tank top and shorts.

In the video, which is less than three minutes long, Jia is said to be chasing a man in a car. When she caught him, Jia then covered the man’s head and took him to a strange place. “Drip” is Jia’s solo debut song under the Banana Plan Entertainment label. The singer, who now uses the name Meng Jia, joined the agency last June, after leaving Miss A.

For Jia’s solo debut with “Drip”, news spread that filming had to be postponed when Meng Jia was rushed to a hospital in the Namyangju area after suffering a back injury. A representative has responded to this news, and mentioned that Meng Jia is undergoing treatment and has continued her work.

In July 2017, Jia held a press conference to announce the release of her solo album. When asked how she could write lyrics for love-themed songs, the former Miss A member gave a surprising answer. The Chinese singer and model said that she could write love-themed song lyrics because she had previously dated celebrities for two years when she was part of Miss A.

Jia even said, “To be honest, when I was in Miss A, I dated celebrities for two years. Everyone needs to date,” she said. Apart from writing her own song lyrics, Jia stated that she received a lot of help from former Miss A member Fei and Chinese artist Wilber Pan.

In the same year, Meng Jia also made her comeback by releasing a single titled “Who’s That Girl”. The second song released by Meng Jia is a pop genre with a medium tempo ballad. In the music video, Jia shows her jealousy towards a woman who approaches her lover.

In December 2017, Meng Jia released her next music video titled “Mood”. This song was sung with GOT7’s Jackson. In the 4-minute video (completed with behind-the-scenes music video), Jia and Jackson show their respective charisma as solo artists.

The song was produced by The Partysquad, Alvaro, and room102, while the lyrics were written by Jackson and Jia themselves. The former JYP Entertainment artist also appeared in the music video directed by Kwon Ojun. “Mood” itself tells of someone who can be uplifting.

In 2018, Meng Jia also had time to actively release several singles from non-albums, such as “Weapon” and “Free”.



Meng Jia’s Photoshoot and Latest News

miss a meng jia profile

On October 22nd, 2020, Meng Jia uploaded a photo from a photoshoot with a very quirky and fierce style with a blue background. In the photo, Meng Jia looks gorgeous with braided front hair and pigtail hairstyles and there is a caption that reads “#wonderland” on the photo with 11,288 likes.

In July 2020, former Miss A member Jia made a shocking post on Weibo. The beautiful idol who is now the focus of promotion in China revealed that she had faced a breast tumor right when she debuted.

Jia revealed that after debuting with Miss A in South Korea, she went to the hospital alone to undergo a minor lumpectomy. A lumpectomy is a surgical procedure to remove one or more tumors from a person’s breast.

miss a meng jia profile

“I remember the experience I had. At that time I had debuted and my family was not by my side. I went to the hospital alone for a small lumpectomy,” confided Jia. Jia did not specify whether the tumor was cancerous or benign, but she felt emotional trauma from going through the situation alone.

Jia was born and raised in China and moved to Seoul when she was recruited by JYP Entertainment at the age of 18. As a result, both her parents cannot speak Korean. Due to the language barrier and fear of worrying her mother, Jia decided to keep the operation a secret from her family. Jia also said she had no friends back then, which meant she had no choice but to go to the hospital for surgery alone. After waking up from surgery alone, Jia revealed that loneliness made her cry.

“I went to the hospital alone, underwent the operation myself and waited to wake up from the anesthesia myself. I endured all the loneliness and complaints. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I cried inside,” Jia continued.

Jia continued to keep the situation secret from her mother until she completely recovered. At the time she confessed, her mother was furious that Jia had kept the truth from her for so long. Luckily Jia now looks already stable. After reading Jia’s story, fans wondered where JYP Entertainment was at the time and why no one from her agency had accompanied her through the process.

Well, that’s all the information about former Miss A member Meng Jia. Although it is unfortunate that great girl groups like Miss A have to disband, let’s still wish the best and give lots of love to each member today with their individual promotions so that their future solo careers can shine even brighter!