Get To Know Former MISS A Member–Meng Jia

Meng Jia’s Career Journey with Miss A

In the same year as her debut, Miss A came back with their second album Step Up with the lead single “Breathe”. The response to this mini-album was quite positive, but the album was not as successful as the previous one.

In the second year of their career, Miss A released their first studio album titled A Class (2011). The album with the lead single “Good Bye Baby” won many Korean music awards after a few weeks of release.

miss a meng jia profile

As if repeating their first success, Miss A again won various nominated awards, such as the Digital Music Bonsang at the 2011 Golden Disk Awards, Best Digital Sales at the 2011 Gaon Chart Awards, and Best Dance & Electronic Song at the 2011 Korean Music Awards. Miss A were also named Best New Asian Artist at the 2011 Asia Song Festival Awards.

Apart from appearing together in the group, Miss A members also often appeared solo on Korean television shows. Jia made an appearance in the music video for M&D’s single “Close Your Mouth” (2011).

Miss A released their next mini-album Touch on February 20th, 2012. As for the music video for their lead single, “Touch”, it was released a day before the release of the mini-album, which is on February 19th, 2012. Min, Jia, Fei, and Suzy look elegant and sexier than before. The concept taken for the “Touch” music video is a little bleak, but the lyrics are about a woman’s admiration for the man who stole her heart.

There is no special choreography for Miss A’s comeback with “Touch”. JYP Entertainment managed to make fans satisfied with Miss A’s music video, especially with their unique costumes.

In October 2012, Miss A came with their next comeback through the release of a single titled “I Don’t Need A Man”. They said, “We dedicate this song to all the women who are proud of themselves.” This sentence became the opening of Miss A’s latest song, which was just released at the time, “I Don’t Need A Man”. With the Hip-Hop rhythm and lively music, Suzy, Jia, Fei, and Min started dancing excitedly at the beginning of the song’s music video.

miss a meng jia profile

As if declaring themselves Independent Women, Miss A‘s latest music video features the image of a tough woman. In the video, Suzy, Jia, Fei, and Min take turns appearing stylish like independent women who don’t need men. The song’s lyrics are about young women who work hard and are able to live independently without depending on men.

“Miss A want to show the image of an independent woman to match their song titled “I Don’t Need A Man”. Don’t miss this latest Miss A album,” said their agency representative. Apart from “I Don’t Need A Man”, the mini-album titled Independent Women Pt 3 also contains a number of new songs that are no less cool. In a song titled “Madness”, Miss A made a duet with 2 PM’s Taecyeon. In addition, Phil Thornalley, who produced the Pixie Lott song titled “Mama Do”, also participated in Miss A’s album.

A month after the release of the album with the lead single “I Don’t Need A Man”, Miss A also participated in promotional activities in Taiwan from November 23–25, 2012. On the first day, they started with a series of interviews, holding fan meetings and dance competitions with Taiwanese fans.

In early November 2012, Miss A started their comeback promotions with the release of Independent Woman Part 3 – Special Edition. The collection also consists of a DVD containing the music videos for “I Don’t Need a Man” and “Touch”.

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Besides being busy with promos in Taiwan, Miss A were also scheduled to do promos in China. Incidentally, they had just been lined up to be advertising models for Anycall’s cellphone and held a showcase in Beijing. Miss A always tried to get closer to fans. In fact, one of their schedules was watching the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II with their fans who have a fandom called Say A.

miss a meng jia profile

After they finished watching the film, the 4 members took a photo in front of the film poster together. One of the members, Jia revealed, “I’ve read books from the Twilight series. But I think the film is better.” Suzy, Min, Jia, and Fei also concluded this film by giving it an A rating.

The following year, Miss A released a teaser for the leader, Min, followed by a teaser for Suzy and Jia. If the Fei teaser should have been released the next day, Miss A would immediately release a music video teaser for her latest song titled “Hush”. The teaser was uploaded on October 30th, 2013.

miss a meng jia profile

In the teaser, Miss A members seem to show a mysterious and scary image through some of the scenes. Even though they didn’t have the sound of the song’s music playing, Miss A were able to arouse fans’ curiosity through a variety of sound effects that were quite scary, as well as a tense atmosphere.

As previously reported, Miss A were confirmed of making a comeback on November 6th, 2013, through their second studio album Hush which consists of 13 songs, including 7 new ones.

miss a meng jia profile

For this comeback, Miss A did not use a song created by the CEO, Park Jin-young, but a song created by a music composer named E-Tribe who made Girls’ Generation‘s hit song “Gee”, as well as the song “U Go Girl” by sexy Lee Hyori.

In an interview previously released, Miss A expressed their hopes of reaching No. 1 on the chart as well as a music program with “Hush”. And if possible, Miss A members promised to do pole dance at an amusement park. Why would they pole dance? Because in the “Hush” music video, Miss A do a sexy dance choreography while spinning and moving seductively on a pole.

The music video starts with a mysterious aura emanating from the sound effect of water droplets and individual shots of the members staring blankly at the camera. The first 25 seconds of the video are a teaser clip of the video that JYP Entertainment had previously released.

miss a meng jia profile

Min, Jia, Fei, and Suzy were seen wearing all black and tight clothes with open stomachs in a bathroom set. Miss A brought their sexy choreography between the walls of the bathroom cubicle. On a different set, the singers of “Hush” changed costumes with a long-sleeved white high-collared top and tight black pants completed with high heels. This second set was an old train carriage which gives a more mysterious impression.

miss a meng jia profile

After a long time waiting for news about the next comeback, finally, the girl group under JYP Entertainment, Miss A released a new album titled Colors. Their lead single titled “Only You” made it to the Korean charts and attracted a lot of attention. In the Colors photo album, Miss A look sexy and cute in pink dresses.

miss a meng jia profile

The four members look beautiful with natural facial features. In this photo album, most of it is part of the music video for “Only You” which became a mainstay on this album. The four Miss A members look like girls next door who usually do activities like women in general and Jia looks busy with her clothes.

miss a meng jia profile

In March 2015, JYP Entertainment published their teaser photos for this album with a girly look. Then, on March 29th, 2015, JYP Entertainment immediately released a music video for Miss A’s comeback in that era with the title “Only You”. Here, Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy appear girly, powerful, and sexy.

In the early scenes of the music video, the Miss A members relax in their apartment wearing nightgowns. Suddenly, a male neighbor peeked at them using binoculars. Without realizing it, the man saw these four girls singing and dancing agile and sexy. At the end of the music video, they seem to be at a party enjoying the music of their song.

miss a meng jia profile

“Only You” presents music from Miss A which remains faithful to the accompaniment of ear-catchy and energetic beats. It is estimated that “Only You” will last for some time and Colors will become one of the strongest albums in Miss A’s career.

In addition, Miss A were scheduled to release their album Colors in a Chinese version on May 22nd, 2015. Miss A’s new album which contains 9 songs was released simultaneously in Taiwan and Hong Kong with three songs on the album, such as “Only You”, “I Caught Yes”, and “Stuck”. What’s interesting about this Chinese version of the Miss A album is that the three songs of Miss A that were released in the Chinese version have the lyrics written directly by Miss A’s Fei.

Since its release in March 2015, “Only You” has indeed succeeded in perching on various South Korean music charts. In addition, Miss A again proved the popularity of the song by being the most downloaded online and managed to become the best-selling song in 2015. “Only You” has been downloaded more than 1 million times on one of the local music sites. This single became the only song that successfully reached the millions.

miss a meng jia profile

After Miss A’s comeback with “Only You”, there has been no news about their upcoming comeback. However, JYP Entertainment provided an opportunity for each member with individual solo promotions, such as Suzy with her acting career and Jia, Fei, and Min with careers as solo artists by releasing new songs and participating in several projects. Some of them also attended and participated in variety shows broadcast on television.