Get To Know Former MISS A Member–Meng Jia

miss a meng jia profile

Everything You Need To Know About Former MISS A Member Meng Jia: From Her Full Profile To Her Latest News!

Who doesn’t know former Miss A member Meng Jia? Well, Miss A is one of the most successful and famous girl groups with 4 members under JYP Entertainment. The girl group also always makes comebacks with songs that are always known not only among their fans, Say A, but they have also managed to get awards and get nominated in music shows.

Apart from that, Miss A also has members who are very talented in the entertainment industry and until now, the members who have decided to leave this girl group have even been able to succeed in carrying out their promotions individually. In this article, we’re going to take a more detailed look at the information about former Miss A member Meng Jia, who has now already debuted as a solo artist in China!

Miss A’s Meng Jia’s Full Profile

miss a meng jia profile

Real Name: Meng Jia (孟佳)

Korean Name: Mong Ji-ah (Hangul: 몽지아)

Stage Name: Jia (佳)

Place and Date of Birth: Changsha, Hunan, China, February 3rd, 1990

Star Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: O

Height: 166 cm (5’5″)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist

Official Sites: Instagram (@mjbaby0203)

Twitter (@Mengjia0203)

YouTube Channel (JIAVEVO)

Miss A’s Meing Jia’s Facts

miss a meng jia profile
  1. Meng Jia doesn’t have any siblings
  2. Meng Jia can speak Chinese, Korean, and a bit of English
  3. Meng Jia is known for her fierce stage presence and flexibility
  4. Meng Jia learned body bending when she was in China
  5. Meng Jia loves dolls and girly things
  6. Meng Jia has a piercing on her belly button
  7. Meng Jia was selected to join JYP Entertainment by an audition held at her dance school
  8. Meng Jia’s ideal type is Li Yi Feng, who is a Chinese actor and singer

Debut and Golden Era as a Member of MISS A

miss a meng jia profile

Miss A is a four-member girl group from two countries, China and South Korea. Min (Lee Min-young) and Suzy (Bae Suji) are from South Korea, and Jia (Meng Jia) and Fei (Wang Fei Fei) are from China. This girl group under the JYP Entertainment label debuted in 2010.

Miss A originally had a five-member formation and had often appeared on programs broadcast on Chinese television channels. But around 2010, one of its personnel, Hyerim, decided to resign and join the Wonder Girls.

In South Korea, Miss A officially debuted by releasing a mini-album titled Bad But Good (2010). The lead single from this album, “Bad Girl Good Girl”, was a huge success. Apart from dominating various music charts, “Bad Girl Good Girl” also successfully won several awards.

Among the many awards are the Song of the Month at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2010, Song of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2010, and the Digital Music Award at the 2010 25th Golden Disk Awards. Miss A were also categorized as the winner of the Female Rookie Award and Best Female Dance categories performance at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards through this single.

miss a meng jia profile

On July 14th, 2010, Osen had an interview with Miss A who had just made their debut and promoted with “Bad Girl Good Girl”. The four girls, Jia, Min, Suzy, and Fei, who challenged the music industry with a strong determination to represent Asia, appeared. They are called Miss A.

Miss A, ahead of their debut stage, said, “We can’t feel it yet. We thought about that moment on stage and practiced a lot,” they said with an expression of excitement and trembling. Like the name of the group that was created in the sense of becoming a group representing Asia in all aspects, Miss A made their debut and were running towards the top at a rapid pace. Their unstoppable run has begun since debut.

Jia and Fei, who didn’t get to see their families often, sometimes had a hard time because of that, but now they seem to have become able to overcome it well thanks to the other members who became like family. The members praised Fei’s cooking skills, saying that Fei is very good at cooking.

miss a meng jia profile

Their debut song is “Bad Girl Good Girl”. It is content that gives a hand to those who evaluate others by looking at their appearance without knowing the inside well. Fei said, “It is a song that expresses the character of such a confident and unrestrained woman. I made it possible to feel the power and dignity with a costume that feels like a dancer.” While Jia laughed, saying, “Actually, we are ‘good girls’ with a lot of personalities and considerations.”

Miss A chose power as their own strength. Jia said, “Other girl groups dance powerfully and each has their own personality, but we dance more powerfully than men. I think that’s our own personality.” Miss A tried to have more diverse experiences. That’s because those things can have a lot of influence on digesting songs. However, there are always things that are lacking. So, each of them is trying various methods to fill such a lack of experience.

Jia and Fei who come from China confessed their feelings as they debuted in a girl group, “It is a regrettable part of not being able to be with my parents and making many Chinese friends.” The youngest Suzy also cited school life. She said, “It’s a little disappointing that I can’t go on a school trip.”

miss a meng jia profile

When the reporter asked what each of them think is their charm, they became embarrassed and changed them to something that each of the members said about each other’s charms. About Jia, the members said, “She’s flexible, long legs, skinny body, and a constitution that does not gain weight, even after eating a lot she is attractive. But the charm that comes from her is very impressive.”

Miss A, whose members were united from different countries with such charm, were filled with determination to do their best to become the best group in Asia, just like the name of the group. “We look forward to seeing what the future will bring to those who are full of passion,” they said at the end of the interview.

miss a meng jia profile

Before finally debuting with Miss A, Jia was a trainee for three years. She also expressed herself intensely with her pink hairstyle during the “Bad Girl Good Girl” era, when she was a student studying hip-hop music at Beijing Contemporary Music School. “In the classroom, I saw an audition by an official from JYP Entertainment, and I passed confidently and became a member of Miss A,” she stated.