Updates on Former MBLAQ Member Thunder: What He’s Been Doing After He Left The Group

Thunder’s Latest News

In February, 2019, Thunder finally reappeared by becoming a guest star on ‘Video Star’, along with Mir, who was a group friend when he was in MBLAQ. Park Na-rae, the host of the event, asked about whether they’d seen each other since Thunder left in 2014. Mir answered, “I was young then, and I was hurt by the fact that the group became a trio. I could’ve contacted him, but it took a long time to settle my heart. That was when 5 years passed by I changed my number after 2014, and I didn’t really come out of the studio for 2 years. have Thunder’s phone number.
Thunder also revealed he had Mir’s number in his phone, but it was his old contact. Mir continued, “I have a bad habit, and I tend to make myself lonely. I hate being lonely, but I’ve forgotten how to meet with people,” and Thunder said, “It’s been 5 years. I had no idea he was that hurt.
The two hugged after Mir said, “I’m sensitive. I was hurt, so I was in hiding. Let’s not misunderstand each other, and let’s all meet up with each other for a drink. I can’t drink alcohol though, so I’ll drink a cola as we talk it out.
It’s been almost 10 years since Thunder debuted as an idol, certainly a long and difficult journey. Let’s continue to support and look forward to Thunder’s next work, and continue to give love to him!