Updates on Former MBLAQ Member Thunder: What He’s Been Doing After He Left The Group

#ThunderOnDahsyat, The Indonesian Music Show

Okezone Celebrity
In the context of promoting the film ‘Forever Holidays in Bali’, Thunder was present as a guest star at one of the music events in Indonesia, RCTI’s ‘Stunning’. In this event, Thunder revealed that the story of ‘Forever Holidays in Bali’ brought up the Cinderella story.
Thunder’s appearance on ‘Dahsyat’ got enthusiastic excitement on Twitter, evidenced by the hashtag #ThunderOnDahsyat, which is perched in fifth. The average fan expressed their impatience to be able to watch Thunder on television. In addition, they also showed their impressions when they watched their idol on ‘Dahsyat’.
At the ‘Powerful’ event on April 20, 2017, Thunder brought his solo single entitled ‘Look at Me Now’. In a full suit, he looked stunning and helped get the fans who filled the studio hysterical.
He even met the challenge of the Great Dahsyat MC, to sway typical of the song ‘Bang Jali’. Without a doubt, Thunder skillfully swayed according to the direction of the MC. Watching this made the Indonesian fans excited about social media and melt away seeing the action.

Thunder in King of Masked Singer


‘The King of Mask Singer’ is a South Korean singing competition program, in which singers compete one-on-one in three elimination rounds. They are given elaborate masks. In the first round, both contestants sing the same song, while in the second and third rounds they each sing a solo song. The winners of each pair are selected by the audience and the panel of celebrities through instant live votes. The identities of the singers are not revealed until they have been eliminated. The winner of the third round challenges the previous competition’s Mask King and is either eliminated or becomes the new Mask King.

On the January 8, 2016, episode, Thunder came as ‘My Friend Robot Fanatic’ in ‘King of Masked Singer’. In the first round, he competed with ‘If You’re Curious, Give Me 500 Won Crane King’ by singing the song “Turn Around and Look At Me” by Deux in a duet version.
Many of the panelists suspected “My Friend Robot Fanatic” to be an idol, and upon losing the round, Thunder had to reveal his identity by taking off his mask, surprising the panelists. In response to Kim Hyun Chul’s guess about him being a rapper, Thunder answered, “I debuted in a hurry. I was a trainee who dreamed about becoming a vocalist, but I had to suddenly debut. I debuted after training for seven days.
Thunder continued, “Although the love I received from MBLAQ is precious to me, I personally always feel a gap in terms of music. I wanted to showcase my image as a vocalist through my recent album and through this show.


Thunder’s Solo Discography


Extended plays

Title Album Details Sales
Thunder Released December 7, 2016

Label: APOP Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download




Title Year Album
“Blaq Cat” 2011 Non-album single
“Don’t Go” 2012
“Gone” 2014
(featuring Goo Hara)
2016 Thunder
“Bomb Bomb Bomb” 2018 Non-album single


As featured artist

Title Year Album
“Merry Christmas in Advance”
(IU featuring Thunder)
2010 Real
“Run Away”
(Vision Wei with Lee Joon and Thunder)
2011 Daybreak

Leaves Mystic Entertainment to Establish Independent Label

After debuting in 2009 with MBLAQ, Thunder signed an exclusive contract with Mystic Entertainment and released his first solo album, “THUNDER.” Besides his musical activities, he has also tried his hand at acting and appearing on variety shows.
On September 27, 2018, shocking news came from Thunder when he revealed that he would be leaving his label. Mystic Entertainment also gave a statement, saying “Thunder recently terminated his contract with Mystic and will begin independent activities after establishing the independent label ‘Lighthouse.’
Producer Kazef, singer-songwriters Leno and Yel, and other musicians who have worked with Thunder will join him at Lighthouse. Thunder will begin his upcoming music activities with the release of his upcoming track “Colorless Rain” on September 29 at 12 p.m. (KST) Thunder participated in the songwriting and composition of his new song, which is a mid-tempo hip hop and R&B track with emotional lyrics and a strong drum sound.