Former KARA Member, Nicole Jung: What Is She Doing Now After She Left the Group?

Nicole’s Recent Interaction with KARA Members

When starring in a variety show in Korea, Life Bar, Nicole looked back on her days with KARA and the new perspective she has gained from her time in the group and now when she is a bit older.

Reported from Soompi, Nicole said she finally understands how the other KARA members felt when they used to say they were tired. “I said things to them like, ‘You’re fine, you can do it, get up, do it!’ But now that I’ve reached a similar age, it’s really hard.” She added that because she knows now, she feels bad about how she wasn’t very understanding of the older KARA members.

Even though they have been separated for more than four years, Nicole claimed to still communicate with other KARA members. Nicole said, “We even have a group chat. Among the members, I talk to Han Seung-yeon the most. Now that a lot of time has passed, we talk about things like marriage, our future, going on vacation together, things like that.”

When announcing she left KARA and DSP Media, Nicole acknowledged that the other members were a little disappointed with her decision but the other members still had to support Nicole’s decision that she had chosen, “I miss the members the most I come up with, or if there’s something important going on in my life,” she said. She continued, “With KARA, we always used to hold hands and huddle before our first TV comeback appearances, tours, or big performances. But at the press conference for my first solo album, I was performing, and 30 seconds before my heart started beating so fast. I turned around and my dance team was there, but there was one thing I could grab on to, my dance team realized and told me I would be okay.”

Nicole Jung’s Plastic Surgery

It is rumored that plastic surgery in South Korea has become commonplace, even some idols in South Korea admit that they have done plastic surgery and some have covered it up. One of them is Nicole Jung who is rumored to have done plastic surgery. Now, let’s see the difference between Nicole before and after.

Then, what do you think about that?

Nicole Jung’s Dating Rumors with SHINee’s Key

Nicole Jung and SHINee’s Key’s closeness is often discussed by their fans. Nicole and Key are rumored to be dating because of their intimate relationship, but Nicole and Key have denied this. They did not date, Nicole and Key had been very close since long ago because they joined the 91 group Liner with other idols. Since then, Nicole and Key have a good relationship as friends, even they always give support to each other if anyone is busy with their respective projects.

Even Nicole herself has said that Key had been giving her encouragement when she went on a diet. Nicole said that Key combined her motivation for diet and Key always encouraged Nicole when doing a diet and they motivated each other. So cute, right?

Latest News of Nicole Jung

In June 2018, Nicole revealed that she would be making a summer comeback. She shared, “I spent a reasonable time of personal growth while traveling frequently. I’ve been into cooking lately, so I’ve gone from baking to making Korean food and Italian cuisine.”

Reporting from Soompi, regarding her solo album, she said, “I keep thinking about when would be a perfect time. I think my summer suit is because I think my image is healthy and cheerful sexy. I don’t know when it will happen, but I want to do music that girls can relate to and guys would find refreshingly new.”

When asked about the differences in working as a solo artist and in a girl group, Nicole answered, “Can you reflect many of my opinions. It can be burdensome since I have had a much greater responsibility, but I like it because I can do what I want. On the other hand, being in a group was less lonesome. Even though the waiting time is long, it passes by quickly because of our conversations.”

Nicole also relayed a heartfelt message to her fans, saying, “I feel sorry for my fans for not being continuously active. I am slowly working again, so please wait for a little bit. In the meantime, I have become easier and have matured. I have confidence that I will show you a better side of myself.”

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