Former KARA Member, Nicole Jung: What Is She Doing Now After She Left the Group?

Flashback to KARA’s Former Member, Nicole Jung

As we have seen before, KARA is one of the girl groups that are quite popular in South Korea and Japan. KARA debuted in 2007 under DSP Media and unfortunately, their career only lasted for 9 years as a girl group since, in 2016, DSP Media stated that they were disbanded.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about one of the former members of KARA, Nicole Jung. Nicole Jung was the leader of KARA before KARA was officially declared disbanded. In 2014, Nicole Jung left DSP Media and moved to B2M Entertainment to pursue her solo career. She auditioned for DSP Media with songs by Ivy and Black Eyed Peas. Nicole Jung made the decision to go to South Korea and experienced adjustments to the culture and missed her friends.

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Nicole Jung’s Profile

Korean Name: Jung Young-joo

Stage Name: Nicole Jung

Date of Birth: October 7th, 1991

Age: 28 years old

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Religion: N/A

Zodiac: Libra

Blood Type: N/A

Facts About Nicole Jung

  1. She is a member of the one-time subunit Dazzling RED with ex-4Minute’s Hyuna, ex-SECRET’s Hyosung, After School’s Nana, and ex-SISTAR’s Hyorin.
  2. Her hobby is cooking.
  3. Her best friends are SHINee’s Key and & Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.
  4. She often finds it difficult to keep up with her education because of KARA’s hectic schedule.
  5. When Nicole was a child, she learned to play the piano, but because her fingers were so short and hard to reach the distant notes as well as some other difficulties, she turned to learn the violin and could play it very well.
  6. Nicole is a very honest person, she would hate it if anyone lied to her.
  7. Nicole was born in Los Angeles and lives with her mother and her grandmother.
  8. She suffered from nearsightedness and had surgery in July 2010.
  9. She attended Mark Keppel Elementary School and Toll Middle School in Glendale, California.
  10. Nicole participated in choir, drill team, played the violin for 4 years and took dance classes.

Nicole Jung’s Departure From KARA

After a successful career with KARA for seven years, in 2014 many rumors circulated claiming that Nicole Jung will be ending her contract with DSP Media and she has decided to leave KARA and DSP Media. Nicole Jung decided to move agencies and chose to focus on her solo career. After the rumors circulated there was no clear response from DSP Media, but regarding the rumor, Nicole spoke up. She wrote:

“Dear, Kamilia. I’m sorry for making you worry with rumors of our contracting and breaking apart and for hurting you. But I was also surprised and disbelieving at the fact that the departure and contract issues were publicized, just before our Japanese tour, but I wanted to speak my mind about the matter so I’m going to post it here.”

“The most important thing. I started as a KARA member and I want to see the end as a KARA member. I would have switched out from KARA since I wasn’t up for a renewal contract it was very frustrating and confusing.”

“I don’t think of my renewal debate with DSP as a member of KARA, but as an artist. Although I may not be an artist under the company, I hope to find a solution where I can continue with the group I’ve been with since the beginning.”

“I’m just one person. I don’t think that KARA should change, or be broken apart, because of me. So I thought about splitting up my contracts between KARA members and my relationship to the company, split between my private and public life.”

“I still have a lot of goals. That’s why I want to re-make myself while doing my best within KARA. To do that, I feel that I need time and effort which is why I have not renewed my personal contract with DSP since I have made it into my future.”

“As KARA, we received a lot of love from you and we wanted to show a better side of us, but as this happened and it escalated and hurts you it hurts me too. I was told about the renewal and the member changes. I don’t think that a single person owns KARA. Since I’m a member of KARA and I have the same thoughts as above.”

“But if everyone and representatives of KARA disagree with and consider this impossible, I will return to the private person by the name of Jung Nicole.”

“Regardless of my renewal status with the company, I promise to continue promoting as a KARA member. I do, and always will, love KARA and am happy working as a KARA member and the group is a big part of my life. Thank you so much to everyone who loves and supports us.”

Not long after Nicole decided to leave KARA, Jiyoung also decided to leave KARA and focus on her career in Japan. Well, good luck to all of the members of KARA.

Nicole Jung’s Solo Activities

After deciding to leave KARA and DSP Media, Nicole made her new career by becoming a solo singer. With her ability, she succeeded in making herself a solo singer.

Solo Debut Mini-Album: First Romance

After deciding to leave KARA and DSP Media, Nicole made her new career by becoming a solo singer. With her amazing ability, she succeeded in making herself a solo singer. Nicole joined B2M Entertainment as a solo artist, B2M Entertainment revealed, “Following the end of her contract with DSP Media, Nicole is currently preparing for her solo debut after confirming a new agency and completing the contract signing. Nicole’s new agency was established by CEO Gil Jong Hwa, who had been with KARA from their debut to their peak. Since their connection under DSP Media, they have maintained close relations with one another.”

On November 19th, 2014, Nicole debuted as a solo artist with the release of her first mini-album titled First Romance and the title song “MAMA,” which was used to promote the mini-album. First Romance sold 8,754 copies in November. By the end of 2014, the mini-album sold 10.137 copies. This proves Nicole was successful in her career as a solo singer and her ability has been recognized by many people. Nicole has her own concepts and characteristics that portray herself on the stage.

You can check out her music video here:

Nicole’s Japanese Debut

After her initial success with her solo career in South Korea in 2014, Nicole began promoting herself to make a debut in Japan. On April 22nd, 2015, it was revealed that Nicole would make a debut in Japan on June 24th, 2015. On June 17th, 2015, Nicole released a short PV of her debut single “Something Special.” On June 24th, 2015, Nicole Jung released the PV for “Something Special.”

She also performed her debut song before the release at the KCON 2015 Japan. In December 2015, Nicole released news that she would be coming back to Japan with her second Japanese single in 2016. It was revealed that it would be titled “Don’t Stop” on February 17th, 2015. On January 16th, 2016, Nicole released a short PV version of “Don’t Stop.”

Nicole’s Japanese Album and First Solo Concert

On March 2nd, 2016, Nicole Jung revealed on her Instagram that she would be releasing her first solo Japanese album, titled Bliss, on April 27th, 2016. The title track from the album is titled “HAPPY,” the PV teaser was released on March 31st, 2016. She had her first solo concert titled 2016 Nicole The 1st Live spanning two days, April 29th and May 1st, 2016.

Nicole Jung’s Solo Discography

Nicole released a Japanese album on April 27th, 2016, with the title Bliss and successfully sold approximately 6,204 copies.

In 2012, Nicole also collaborated with one of the members of 2AM, Jung Jin-woon, and released a song titled “Lost” which successfully sold approximately 58,305 copies in Korea.