Complete List of Female Trainees That have Left JYP Entertainment


Another successful trainee out of Sixteen is former JYP trainee Jeon So-mi. She is known to be one of the youngest contestants on the show, but unfortunately, didn’t make the cut to debut with Twice. In 2016, with the announcement of Mnet’s new survival show, Produce 101, JYP sent Jeon Somi as their sole representative.

This led to an explosion in popularity, as Jeon Somi ranked first in the whole competition and debuted with the project group I.O.I. The group promoted for exactly a year, and afterward, Somi went back to being a trainee in JYP that sometimes appeared on TV for variety shows and featured in other artists’ releases. This led her to be stuck in somewhat of a limbo, neither an artist nor a full trainee. Fans speculated that she would be part of JYP’s new girl group, set to debut in 2019, but in August 2018, after a lot of hype and anticipation, Somi ultimately left the company.

On August 20th, 2018, JYP Entertainment released an official statement on their website that read, “Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment has spoken with our artist Jeon So-mi and has come to a mutual agreement to terminate her exclusive contract. We want to sincerely thank our artist and her fans who have been with us till now. Thank you.” Not long after, Somi officially updated fans with her plans for the near future, stating that she would be signing with the YG Entertainment subsidiary, The Black Label, headed by YG’s premiere composer, Teddy. The move was a big shock for fans as Somi had not previously expressed her displeasure with JYP Entertainment, and moving to a big competitor seems like quite a ballsy move.

Despite that, as of now, fans are quite worried about her upcoming plans to debut and promote under The Black Label, after the recent scandal involving Seungri and Burning Sun have crashed the agency’s stock. Not only that, following Somi’s move to The Black Label, fellow Produce 101 center, Kang Daniel, has also started having problems with his company. This led to fans coining the term, Produce 101 Center Curse, in which it seems that all the trainees that have ranked 1st on Produce 101 would have a disastrous career after their stint in the project group ends.

Yejin, Mashiro, Sunmin, and Hanseol

In 2017, three years after GOT7’s initial debut and two years after their last survival show, JYP released another one titled Stray Kids. From initial teasers, fans could already tell it was aimed at forming a boy group but, surprisingly, in the first episode, they included the female trainees in order to create rivalry, show fans the initial start of the show during JYP’s showcase, and tease the possibility of a girl group to come. This included the current ITZY members Ryujin, Yezi, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. Meanwhile, the other girls, such as Sunmin, who have appeared alongside Ryujin on Mix Nine, and Mashiro, are also other quite popular trainees.

Ultimately, the male trainees won the competition and got the chance to compete in the survival show, and this left some fans quite confused as to JYP’s plans for the future. Not only that, in the coming months it seems that the supposed ITZY members, above, started hanging out with Somi in public more and more often, raising speculations of JYP forming the final girl group line-up all ready for debut in the near future. This idea was later reinforced as several female trainees from the company, such as Sunmin, Mashiro, Yejin, and Hanseol started opening Instagram accounts consecutively, early in 2018.

JYP Entertainment is known to have a rule against trainees having social media accounts so for the girls to open up Instagram accounts at this dire moment in time only led to one conclusion, and that is that they, too, have left the company. Not long after their first posts on their respective Instagram pages, they soon took down their accounts and pictures or set their pages to private. Fans are still unsure as to what led to these accounts being inactive as of now, but the trainees are confirmed to have left the company, nonetheless, as new pictures from JYP Entertainment’s annual showcase reveal no trace of the trainees being discussed. The reasons for their departure seem to similar to the reasons given by the previous trainees who left, that they see no immediate chances of debut after the agency has solidified the line-up for their upcoming group, ITZY.

Kim Eunsuh

Kim Eunsuh

Before leaving JYP, Kim Eunsuh had participated in the JYP survival show Sixteen just like most of the other female trainees in JYP. Unfortunately, she got eliminated and left the company right after that.

After leaving JYP, she joined another survival show, Idol School, as a contestant and ended up in the 14th place. As of now, though she still has not debuted yet, she keeps her fans updated by posting her dancing videos on her personal social media, Instagram.

Park Sieun

Park Sieun

Success as a child actress did not make Park Sieun stop being a trainee under JYP. But, before she could debut as a singer and idol under JYP, her contract expired. Then, she left the company and joined High Up Entertainment, as Black Eyed Pilseung had already praised her talent and natural abilities to become a star.

Finally, after a long journey of being a trainee in November 2020, Park Sieun debuted as a member of the girl group called StayC with “So Bad” as their debut single.

How Many Trainees Does JYP Have at The Moment?

How Many Trainees Does JYP Have at The Moment

Being one of the biggest K-pop agencies in South Korea has made JYP popular not only among South Korean citizens but also foreigners. Almost every year, they hold an audition to look for new talented young generations to be their trainees and the next generation of K-pop artists.

The audition is not only applied to South Korean citizens, but also for foreigners and fans around the world through the global audition. Anyone can join the audition with no exception, wherever you are.

Even though many people have joined and have participated in the audition, not all of them would be accepted and become a trainee in JYP. According to a fan account of JYP trainees on Twitter, as of now, there are 13 male trainees, and 11 female trainees in JYP. In total, there are 24 trainees under JYP Entertainment.

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