Get to Know More About Former Fiestar Member Cheska

Cheska’s Reason for Leaving FIESTAR


Cheska left FIESTAR in 2014. There were a lot of rumors and false news regarding her departure from FIESTAR, agency LOEN entertainment. However, in an interview with Rhythm Connection the same year, Cheska revealed the real reason why she decided to leave the group.

In the interview, Cheska said that her dream is on a whole different path. Cheska revealed her real passion was producing music rather than being a rapper. Although Cheska likes rap she never intended to be a rapper. After her leave from both the group and the agency, Cheska has plans to release her mixtape in the future.

Cheska’s Discography

Cheska MV

2016 – Swish

2017 – Faded

2017 – Analog [Collaboration with Geeks from album Fireworks]

2017 – Aura


Cheska’s Most Recent Activities

cheska latest

After she decided to leave the music industry in 2014, Cheska opened a Twitch channel. She became a gamer and a commentator at the same time. Cheska shared posts with fans to keep in touch with her by watching her Twitch channel and support her always through her Instagram.