Former EXO Member Z.Tao: His Activities in China and Rumored Girlfriend

Tao and His Rumored Girlfriend

Huang Z.Tao, or formerly known as Tao, has been involved in dating rumors. Chinese news reports claim that Tao is enjoying a date with his beautiful girlfriend. On August 13th, 2019, Chinese entertainment site, Sina stated that Tao was caught dating a beautiful girl.

The report said that Tao and his girlfriend had an intimate relationship because they held hands while walking when they went shopping and eating together. In the photos released, the woman also could be seen feeding ice cream to Tao. Not only Chinese fans who saw and took their photos but netizens also found personal information about the woman who apparently came from South Korea with the surname Kim. Tao and his girlfriend were reportedly repeatedly caught going away together. Sina explained that when Tao held a concert in Shanghai last June 2019, the woman was also in Shanghai to watch the Tao concert. In addition, she also traveled with Tao to Japan.

If you take a closer look at the SNS account, you can see that there are many pairs of the same item. Even so, Tao hasn’t released an official statement regarding the Chinese media coverage about the information that he is dating a Korean girl.

Meanwhile, Tao debuted in South Korea as a member of the group EXO. Then, he filed a lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment in 2015. Furthermore, Tao left the group and the agency. He returned to his hometown in China and became active as an actor-singer there.

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Huang Z.Tao Angered When Accused of Bringing Two Women to The Hotel!


Huang Zitao, or Tao, is indeed known to be brave enough to voice what he is feeling. When he left EXO, Tao also bravely revealed his deepest feelings about why he didn’t want to be an idol. He also does not care about other people’s comments, as long as he can do what he likes. Whether he likes it or not, he is still one of the top celebrities and will always be under the auspices of the media. But what happened sometime later made Tao angry with the media. Local media wrote that Tao took two beautiful women to the hotel at night.

After the photos above became headlines, Tao immediately expressed anger and called the media deliberately using a clickbait title and misinterpreting the real truth. On Monday, September 16th, 2019, Tao wrote on Weibo explaining and at the same time expressing his frustration.

“Just having dinner and going out with my brothers and sisters. Don’t blind your headline (media) again, ok? When I’m working, you can label me an artist, but in real life, I’m just an ordinary citizen. Don’t obstruct my normal, happy lifestyle. Back to the hotel at night? Let me see the picture. Even if I go back to the hotel (with girls), what can you do with it? Don’t be stupid dear.”

Then the 26-year-old singer and actor uploaded other shorter words. “I am not responding just to tell you the truth. When I don’t have a new project, you really have to stay away from me. If you obstruct my lifestyle, the consequences will be cruel.”

Tao’s agency, Sina Entertainment gave an explanation that what was reported about the women at the hotel was not true and it was damaging to the image of their artists. Huang Zitao’s father also expressed his frustration because it was recorded secretly. He said that Tao had held him back all the time and that they were always followed by paparazzi. He also said if that was their job, they should stop.

“What’s the point of following someone and recording their personal lives all the time? If you lose your job and need money, you can work at L. Tao Entertainment (Huang Zitao’s company). Isn’t that more meaningful depending on your own ability and doing normal work? Besides that, following the car is dangerous, what if something happens…”

That was all the information about who is Huang Z.Tao and what he is doing in his country after leaving SM Entertainment and his group EXO. Also, his activities in China and his dating rumor. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!