Former DIA Member Eun-jin Reveals the Reason Why She Left the Group

DIA’s Former Main Dancer and Lead Rapper, Eun-jin

DIA has definitely made a name for themselves in the Korean entertainment industry with the rise of Chae-yeon as K-Pop’s new It Girl after the success of I.O.I and Ye-bin’s stint with another project group, UNI.T. It is only fair that DIA is only destined for success after all the attention they have been receiving from those individual activities, added to all the consistent hits they have been putting out since their debut in 2015, such as “Somehow.” Unfortunately, in June of 2018, main dancer and one of the group’s visuals, Eun-jin, announced her departure from the group.

This made fans anxious as to what is going on internally within the group, as her departure seems to be shrouded with scandals and mysteries, after previously going A.W.O.L at the beginning of the year. So what’s going on with DIA’s former member Eun-jin? Does her departure from the group have anything to do with her attitude controversy? Or maybe a possible love interest that hinders her from moving forward in her career? What has she been doing recently? Well, let’s go and find out!

Profile and Facts of Eun-jin

Full Profile

Name Ahn Eun-jin
Date of Birth August 31st, 1997 (21 Years Old)
Birthplace Gwang-yeok, Gwang-ju
Nationality South Korean
Height 170 cm
Weight 49 kg
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 230 mm
Family Members Parents, Older Sister
Academic Background Boseongnam Elementary School (Graduated)
Boseong Girls Middle School (Transferred) → Mokpo Younghwa Middle School (Graduated)
Jeonnam Arts High School – Contemporary Dance Major (Transferred) → School of Performing Arts Seoul – Broadcasting Major (Graduated)
Religion Protestantism
Hobby Boxing
Career 2015.09.14~2018.05.07 DIA
2016.07.10 Five Ws
Debut DIA First Full Album Do It Amazing in 2015
Nicknames Ang Eung-jing, Ahn Eun-jen, Woo Reun-jin (Our Eun-jin), Giant Baby
Social Media Links InstagramMinor Gallery Homepage


  • Eun-jin is known for her silly yet charming personality, easily confusing things for another. For example, during her debut showcase, she mistakenly called an ambulance, an implant. Not only that, at another event, when she was asked to describe ‘homework,’ she said that it just meant going home. Most recently, she mistakenly said ‘pengin’ instead of penguin.
  • She has chemistry with all the members of DIA, making her one of the most entertaining to watch in all their appearances.
  • When asked what is special about her visuals, she answered that it is the beauty mark she has on the left side of her neck. The members think of it as a charming point, but she personally thought of it as bothersome, which is why she had it removed before the promotion cycle of DIA’s second mini-album.
  • A lot of people have said that she resembled actresses So Yi-hyun and Sulli.
  • Eun-jin whistles very well. She demonstrates it quite often, especially during a fan meeting for Mr. Potter and also during concerts when member Cathy, asks her to come out to help with the whistling portion.
  • She loves macarons.
  • In one of their V Lives, she revealed that during elementary school she was part of the recorder orchestra.
  • Has the prettiest hands in DIA, as picked by the other members and herself during one of the fan meets.
  • Out of all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins, she loves the ‘Mother is An Alien’ flavor the most.
  • Eun-jin loves the color red.

Eun-jin’s Dancing Skills

As mentioned before, her position in the group is the main dancer and she often demonstrates it through parts she earns in the group choreography or even in solo V Lives and videos she posts on the group’s channel. As seen below, she has done some covers of other group’s choreographies, as well as danced original choreographies, made by their choreographer using western songs.

Eun-jin’s Scandal and Controversies

Rude Behavior

During the showcase of their album #YOLO, it seems that Eun-jin is seen not participating in the fan service and performances that had been prepared. She was seen being stoic and almost unresponsive to any and all of the members’ and fans’ encouragements. What is even worse, is that the showcase is broadcasted live though V Live, so not only did this worried fans domestically but also international fans who streamed through the service.

As seen above, it seems that she has refused to participate at all even after being slightly chastised by other members. This caused fans and viewers to be very upset, assuming that she has some sort of problem with the other members or internal management. Not only that, she was shortly taken backstage and did not participate for the other part of the showcase. The videos and pictures that surfaced online after the fact made fans to turn their backs on Eun-jin, coming to the conclusion that she has a rude and bad attitude towards fans.

At a later date, MBK Entertainment released a statement that said it was all because Eun-jin was not feeling up to speed at the time, having had troubles with her health before the showcase. It seems that she had suffered breathing difficulties and was taken to the hospital as the showcase continued. Despite the clarification, netizens still thought that her behavior was inexcusable and she demonstrated poor behavior, especially during an event meant for interactions between DIA and their fans.

Bra Incident

This is less of a scandal than the previously mentioned behavior she displayed but caused ripples in the entertainment industry nonetheless. When DIA was scheduled to perform in a festival out of Seoul, it seems that the stylist outfitted her in a strapless bra, that is known to be very finicky and hardly stays in place when worn. It still came as a shock to most as her bra seemed to slip down while she was performing, raising questions and mean comments online as the fancam of the incident was posted across multiple forums.

This caused an uproar online as fans tried to defend her from prying comments that tore apart her incident, saying she is pitiful and should not have asked for padding. Fans and other netizens seem to agree that this could be considered as sexual harassment and reported those who commented negatively to the DIA’s entertainment agency.

Departure From the Group

In early 2018, Eun-jin could be seen skipping some of her scheduled activities, starting from the ones after the Idol Star Athletics Championships. From member Eun-chae’s graduation ceremony, The Unit‘s final broadcast that featured member Ye-bin, even member Chae-yeon’s VIP movie screening was not attended by Eun-jin. The fans came to the conclusion that she might be in poor health or maybe being prepped to join Mnet’s new flagship survival show, Produce 48. However, even with all the rumors surfacing, not a single word of clarification was released by DIA’s entertainment agency, MBK Entertainment.

Suddenly, on May 7th, a handwritten letter was uploaded to the DIA fancafe, a clarification written by Eun-jin herself. In the letter, she revealed the troubles and struggles she faced starting last year, as she suffered some physical injuries that limited her abilities to follow DIA’s schedules. Because of that, she couldn’t go on to continue promoting with DIA and with this letter, she announced her plans to leave DIA and go back to her normal life. As it seems, her previous appearance at the showcase that caused tons of attitude problem rumors was true, her body just couldn’t sustain the stressful and packed schedule that she had to face.

Eun-jin’s Instagram

Through her Instagram, Eun-jin continues to connect with her fans and friends alike, posting pictures of her daily adventures, as well as showing support for DIA when the time calls for it. An example would be when DIA released their first album after she left the group, titled Summer Ade.

Even after her departure from the group, she still sometimes posts videos of herself dancing, as seen above. The video was posted just a few weeks after her departure, showing that she has not completely abandoned her passion for her craft. As she still has a very close relationship to previous choreographers that she has worked with, it would be to no one’s surprise if she does end up in that industry in the future. For now, we can only enjoy past works that she has been in and dancing videos she posts on Instagram.

Eun-jin’s Latest News

Recently, Eun-jin still seems to not have any plans to return to the Korean entertainment industry, enjoying her life as a normal young adult. She seems to be having fun on dates with her boyfriend and fully recovering from her health ailment. As she has shown interest in dancing still, despite her health conditions, and also maintaining a relationship with choreographers around, we await her return to the industry if it is possible, in any form or shape. Stay tuned for more updates regarding her future projects and plans through her Instagram and other social media outlets!

So what do you think of Eun-jin’s departure from DIA? Was it a long time coming or was it rushed in light of her injury? Do you think it has anything to do with her behavior and different aspirations still? Will you continue supporting her in her future endeavors? Comment your thoughts and opinions in the section below!