This Former Korean Child Actress Is All Grown Up! Here Is Yoo Yeon-mi’s Full Profile!

Let’s Get to Know Yoo Yeon-mi

Yoo Yeon-mi was born on July 7th, 1999, in Daegu, South Korea. She began her career as a child actress in 2005, by appearing in the television series Golden Apple, playing the young version of Keum Shil. In 2007 she made her first film appearance in the notable Jeon Il’s indie film titled With a Girl Black Soil, which brought her the Best Actress Award at the Marrakech International Film Festival.

Filmography of Yoo Yeon-mi

Here is a list of dramas that Yoo Yeon-mi has played in. Let’s check it out!

Drama/Television Series

  • 2005: Golden Apple (as a young version of Keum Shil) on KBS2
  • 2006: -Hello Franceska (as Soo Na’s granddaughter (guest, episode. 39) on MBC
             – TV Novel: Hometown Station (as young Shim) on KBS1
             – Great Inheritance (as Han Ye-seo) on KBS2
  • 2007: – Thank You (as Bo Ram) on MBC
             – Mackerel Run (as guest) on SBS
             – Unstoppable Marriage (as Kim Ok-hee) on KBS2
  • 2009: – The Road Home (as Yoo Eun-ji) on KBS1
             – Kyung Sook, Kyung Sook’s Father (as Eun Bi) on KBS2
  • 2010: – The Great Merchant (as Kkot-Nim) on KBS1
             – Athena: Goddess of War (as Kwon Yong-kwan’s daughter) on SBS
  • 2011: – Lights and Shadow (as Soon Deok) on MBC
  • 2012: – Missing You (as young Kim Eun-joo) on MBC
  • 2013: – Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love (cameo as young Ka Koong ) on SBS
  • 2015: – Who Are You: School 2015 (as Yeon Mi-joo) on KBS2
  • 2015-2016: – Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (as Oh Ga-eul) on KBS1
  • 2016: – Page Turner (as Gyoo Sun) on KBS2
  • 2017: – Sea of the Woman (as Choi Jung-hee) on KBS2


Year Title Role
2007 With a Girl of Black Soil Choi Young-rim
2008 BABO Ji In
2010 The Man From Nowhere Mi Jin
2012 Heimat
2013 Boomerang Family

El Condor Pasa

Shin Min-kyung’s School Friend

Yeon Mi

2014 Thread of Lies Mi Ra


Year Title Role
2015 Granny’s Got Talent Female high school student on the bus
2015 My Sister, The Pig Lady Mi Sook
2015 Circle of Atonement Jong Hee
2017 Star Next Door Mi Yeon

Musical Theater:

  • 2008: – Momo (the role of Momo)

Variety Show:

  • 2006: – Show Power Video: Chick Diary on KBS2

Television Movie

  • 2016: – Perfect Sense

Yoo Yeon-mi’s Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
2005 KBS Drama Awards Best Young Actress Golden Apple Won
2007 7th Marrakech International Film Festival Best Actress With a Girl of Black Soil Won
2008 17th Buil Film Awards Best New Actress With a Girl of Black Soil Won


Yoo Yeon-mi’s Appearance in Who are you: School 2015

The drama Who are you: School 2015 is telling the story of two identical twins named Go Eun-byeol and Lee Eun-bi (played by Kim So-hyun) who were separated at the age of 5 when one of them got adopted. Go Eun-byeol was studying at Sekang High School, while Lee Eun-bi lived at the Love House, an orphanage in Tong Yeong, South Gyeong San Province. However, because Eun-bi was hiding the fact that in school she was bullied by a gang of mean girls led by Kang Soo-young, the teacher turned her back on her and didn’t care at all.

One Day Eun-byeol mysteriously went missing from a school field trip to Tong Yeong. At the same time, Eun-bi got expelled from her school and decided to jump off from a bridge in an attempt at suicide. As a consequence, she got an injury that caused her amnesia, so Eun-bi gets mistaken for her twin Eun-byeol and her adoptive mother takes her home to Seoul. Thus, begins her life as Eun-byeol. However, one day, her memories return.

In the drama Who Are You: School 2015, Yoo Yeon-mi played the role of Yeon Mi-joo. If you were paying attention, you could see her appear on-screen several times. Since there isn’t much information about her role and appearance we can’t tell any further. Ohh… We also wouldn’t want to give you guys any spoilers, especially if you haven’t watched the drama yet, so its a secret~!

Well, we will only give you a sneak peek of the Who Are You: School 2015 drama series. You can check out the video bellow!