Wanna Know the Latest News About Former Celebrity Couple Lee Min-ho and Suzy?


Find Out About Lee Min-ho and Suzy’s Relationship Three Years After Their Breakup

Lee Min-ho and Suzy made headlines in March 2015 after a media outlet released pictures of them dating in London. They stayed  in London for about three days while they enjoyed their romantic vacation-date. Allegedly, they stayed at the same hotel, although Suzy stayed with family member. After their secret date was exposed to public, the A-list couple confirmed their romantic relationship, and revealed that they had been dating for one month.

As is very common, the celebrity couple’s relationships didn’t last very long. They broke up after dating each other for almost three years. The news about their breakup was exposed in November 2017. Three years after their separation, both of them moved on and found another love. Find out about the latest news from Lee Min-ho and Suzy.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about the latest news about Lee Min-ho and Suzy. So stay tuned!.

Latest News About Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho’s Latest Drama, The King: Eternal Monarch


Lee Min-ho has been cast in the leading male role in the Korean drama series SBS’s The King: Eternal Monarch. He starred alongside Kim Go-eun and Woo Do-hwan. The drama tells stories about the Korean emperor Lee Gon, who strives to maintain a balance between the normal world and the underworld filled with demons. A demon was released by a deity to disturb the balance. The emperor collaborated with a detective, Jung Tae-eul, to maintain the balance and protect the innocent people.

Lee Min-ho Finally Posted on his Instagram

Lee Min-ho posted a picture about his latest drama project. In the picture, “The King” was written in the snow. In 2015, Lee Min-ho started his official Instagram account. He expressed his anger over fake accounts that took advantage of his name and popularity for their own benefit.

Lee Min-ho at Paris Fashion Week 2019


Lee Min-ho attended the Berluti Collection Show during Paris Fashion Week in June 2019. He got an invitation from the famous luxury fashion brand. He sat at the front row, alongside global actors and celebrities like Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng, Ricky Martin, Joe Jonas, and Berluti’s General Manager, Antoine Arnault.

For the outdor event, he wore a sleek suit jacket, long black pants, and shiny leather shoes. He looked dapper and handsome at the event. Fans gathered around him as he gave autographs

Lee Min-ho’s Photoshoot and Interview for L’Officiel Hommes YK Edition


Lee Min-ho looked extremely dazzling in a dapper suit during the photo shoot for L’Officiel Hommes YK Edition. He was also interviewed during the photo shoot. He shared stories about his personal values around his his work, his interests, love, and other things. He said “People who live a life close with themselves are mature” when asked about his current personal thinking. He revealed that he worked hard to show other people the real Lee Min-ho. His photo shoot was published in the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of L’Officiel Hommes YK Edition.

Latest News about Suzy

Suzy’s Latest Drama with Lee Seung-gi, Vagabond


Suzy starred with actor Lee Seung-gi in the 2019 drama series Vagabond. The drama was aired from September to November 2019. Vagabond is the second collaboration between Lee Seung-gi and Suzy. Both A-list stars previously collaborated in Gu Family Book in 2013. The drama was incredibly well-received and won various awards.

Suzy’s Upcoming Movie, Ashfall


Suzy made a short appearance in the movie Ashfall. She performed the role of Ha Jung-woo’s wife. Regarding their age difference, Suzy said that Ha Jung-woo’s character is charming. Though her screen time is limited, she wanted to appear in a different movie genre, and she enjoyed the chance to be in a disaster film.

Donated to Families in Need


Besides being blessed with a beautiful face, Suzy is also blessed with a kind personality. She donated part of her income to families in need. According to Life Share Association, Suzy donated around 15 million won for the poor. Suzy’s management company revealed that Suzy donates money to people in need every year. She does it of her own will, without any help from the company, therefore her agency has no exact number of her donation. According to news sources, Suzy has donated to Community Chest of Korea, victims of wildfire in Gangwon Province, and the Life Share Association. Each of the organizations received 100 million KRW.

Joining tvN’s Drama with Nam Joohyuk?


Suzy is set to perform a leading role on tvN’s drama Sandbox. She will star alongside handsome young actor Nam Joo-hyuk. The drama tells a story about a young woman that makes up her mind to launch her own start-up company. She wants to become the next Steve Jobs. In her struggle to become a break through start-up owner, she drops out of college and makes a little money from doing part time jobs. Nam Joo-huk plays Nam Do-san, a genius and the founder of a successful start-up technology company.

Lee Min-ho and Suzy’s Relationship Now


Lee Min-ho and Suzy broke up because of their busy schedules and only having limited time to spend with each other. The former couple broke up on good terms and remained in a senior and junior relationship.

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