Get Closer with Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo: Profile, Facts, Career, and Bullying Controversy

APRIL Hyunjoo Profile

Let’s Take A Look At Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo!

Lee Hyunjoo is a former APRIL member; she joined the group in 2015 and left the group in 2016 after APRIL did a promotion for their single “Tinker Bell”. Recently, Hyunjoo is known as an actress with many dramas that she has starred in. But, do you really know Hyunjoo closely? If anyone still doesn’t know her, Channel-Korea will help you to get to know her better: from her profile, career, dramas, until her controversy with fellow APRIL members. So, stay tuned!

Ex-APRIL’s Hyunjoo’s Profile

Name: Lee Hyun Joo (이현주)

Stage Name: Hyunjoo (현주)

Birthday: February 5th, 1998

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Weight: 45 kg

Height: 161 cm (5’3″)

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Korean

Debut: 2015

Occupation(s): Model, Singer, Actress

Agency: DSP Media

Groups: APRIL (2015–2016), UNI.T (2018)

Naver: hyunjoo_lee0205

Instagram: hyun.joo_lee

V Live: LEE HYUN JOO (deleted)

Ex-APRIL’s Hyunjoo’s Facts
  • Lee Hyunjoo was a trainee for 2 years.
  • She studied in the School of Performing Arts (SOPA) and Sungshin Women’s University.
  • Hyunjoo has one younger brother.
  • Hyunjoo really enjoys being aegyo instead of being sexy.
  • Drawing, making accessories, nail art, pilates, cooking, and make-up are her hobbies.
  • She can imitate many animals’ voices such as a frog, cat, puppy, and even a windmill.
  • Hyunjoo left APRIL in 2016 because she wanted to start her acting career and improve her health condition.
  • Hyunjoo participated in The Unit program and managed to reach 5th place. Then, on May 18th, 2018, she got to debut as a member of UNI.T but the group disbanded on October 12th, 2018.
  • She is really close with H.U.B’s Hyosun.

Ex-APRIL’s Hyunjoo Pre Debut

Lee Hyunjoo has very cute and pretty visuals, her face is so perfect! Even when she was still an APRIL member, Hyunjoo got the position of the visual of the group. But, did you know that her pretty face has been obtained since she was a child? Want to know her beauty when she was a child and in her pre-debut days? Here are Hyunjoo’s pre-debut photos!

Since her childhood, it turns out that Hyunjoo already has had a cute and adorable face like the photo above!

Seeing Hyunjoo’s pre-debut photos, many of her fans commented in awe of her visuals. Some of the comments said:

“You always pretty”

“So beautiful”

“You’ve grown up, I love you Hyunjoo,” and more.

Ex-APRIL’s Hyunjoo’s Focus Fancam

Fancams are very popular among K-Pop fans because they record them themselves with a focus on their favorite idols or from TV show recordings. Like in the fancam below, her fans will always watch her focus thread to admire her performances!

In the first fancam above, we can see Hyunjoo’s focus video from APRIL’s showcase for their single “Tinker Bell”, where this is Hyunjoo’s last performance with APRIL before she decided to leave the group.

Meanwhile, the video below was recorded by Mnet from the M! Countdown music show and gained more than 300 thousand views!

The third video is Hyunjoo’s focus fancam that was uploaded by “때.요” on YouTube from the time when Hyunjoo was a UNI.T member in 2018.

Ex-APRIL’s Hyunjoo’s Dramas

Since she left APRIL, Hyunjoo started her acting career and she first played in the Korean drama titled Momin’s Room in 2016 as a supporting character named Lee Moda. After three years of running her career as an actress, finally, on July 30th, 2020, Hyunjoo got her first main role as Yu Ra in the web drama The Colors of Our Time.

She also started starring in many Korean dramas, such as Hanging On (2020), The Witch Store (2019), Love Distance (2019), Legally Dad (2020), Touch Me If You Can (2020), and the latest web series in 2021 is College Life That Everyone Wants as Green.

Do you want to watch her acting skills? Here is Hyunjoo’s acting in Touch Me If You Can as Yoon Ah Ri. Let’s click on the video below!

Lee Hyunjoo Bullied by Fellow APRIL Members

Unexpectedly, it turns out that one of Hyunjoo’s reasons for leaving APRIL was because she was bullied by a fellow APRIL member. The controversy started on February 28th, 2021, when Hyunjoo’s younger brother posted something about Hyunjoo’s reason for leaving APRIL mentioning that she was treated badly by the members.

Then on March 1st, 2021, someone claiming to be Hyunjoo’s classmate confirmed Hyunjoo’s brother’s statements. This person also mentioned the member names who bullied Hyunjoo, they are Somin and Chaewon. A few days later, Hyunjoo spoke up about this controversy and admitted that she had been bullied for two years by APRIL members.

In April 2021, DPS Media gave their statement that the members had never done that, and Hyunjoo left the group because she wanted to pursue an acting career and become an actress. Naeun, Jinsol, and all the other members also commented and gave their statements about this as well as DSP Media. Unfortunately, this case had to be resolved through legal actions and both sides made reports against each other.

That’s all about Hyunjoo’s detailed profile information and her controversy. So, what do you think about Hyunjoo and APRIL’s controversy? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial!