Film Out (2021) by BTS

BTS Film Out

“Film Out” by BTS

Artist BTS
Album/Mini-album BTS, THE BEST
Release Date April 2nd, 2021
Length 3:34
Label Big Hit Music, Universal Music
Songwriters Jungkook BTS, Iyori Shimizu, UTA
Composers Back Number, UTA
Genre J-Pop


BTS released their second Japanese compilation album on June 16th, 2021, with the title BTS, THE BEST. This album is a compilation of their Japanese album Face Yourself released in 2018 and Map of The Soul: 7 – The Journey released in 2020. BTS, THE BEST was distributed by Big Hit Music and Universal Music, and “Film Out” is the title track of this Japanese compilation album.

“Film Out” was released on April 2nd, 2021, after “Life Goes On”. This song is BTS’s Japanese single after “Stay Gold”. This 3-minute-34-second-long song was written by BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook, with Iyori Shimizu and UTA. “Film Out” is a song that tells the story of longing for someone who no longer exists.

Background of “Film Out”

“Film Out” was first announced to the public on February 16th, 2021. This song is the ending theme for a popular Japanese TV series entitled Signal, or also known as Signal The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit (2021).

Subsequently, “Film Out” appeared as the lead single of BTS’s second Japanese compilation album. The album was released on June 16th, 2021, with the title BTS, THE BEST.

“Film Out” was released before BTS’s album, THE BEST. This song was first published with a teaser released on March 25th, 2021, on the HYBE LABELS YouTube Channel.

The “Film Out” official MV was released on April 2nd, 2021, KST. On the same day, this song could already be downloaded digitally and streamed on various music platforms around the world. Universal Music Japan acted as the distributor of this song written by Jungkook.

The Story of “Film Out”

BTS Film Out

Jungkook is increasingly active showing his skills in writing songs. After successfully creating “Your Eyes Tell” for the Japanese melodrama of the same title, Jungkook returned to writing the soundtrack for a Japanese TV series titled Signal The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit. “Film Out” was written by Jungkook together with the vocalist of the Japanese rock band Back Number, Iyori Shimizu, and also UTA.

A little about Signal The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit: this TV series stars Kentaro Sakaguchi, Michiko Kichise, and Kazuki Kitamura. This series is a remake of the Korean drama of the same title written by Kim Eun-hee in 2016. The series premiered on April 2nd, 2021, on the same day as the release of the song and MV of “Film Out”.

MV of “Film Out”

The MV of “Film Out” was released on the HYBE LABELS YouTube Channel on April 2nd, 2021, KST. The music video was directed by Yong Seok Choi of Lumpens. Lumpens has worked on BTS’s music videos several times, such as “Black Swan”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “Boy With Luv”, “Butter”, “DNA”, “Fake Love”, and many more.

To date, the MV of “Film Out” has been watched more than 179 million times and has received 9 million likes. You can watch the MV of “Film Out” below!

Theory of the “Film Out” MV

This MV features all the BTS members in a living room. The MV reminds us of the “Fake Love” MV because of the hourglass that Jin is holding and the hourglass that Jungkook sees on the table. Not only that, but the explosion and also Jin’s role as the main character in the “Film Out” MV also made fans make various theories.

BTS Film Out

The first popular theory is that Jin is a time traveler who is still trying to change things and make his friends happy. This theory states that the MV of “Film Out” is a continuation of the “Fake Love” music video.

Another theory that is no less interesting is that Jungkook is experiencing “solastalgia”. Solastalgia is a feeling of stress due to environmental changes.

In this MV, Jungkook is alone in the living room with the furniture covered in white cloth. The house seems to have been abandoned by its owner for a long time. But suddenly, the atmosphere is different and the other BTS members are with Jungkook. This scene depicts Jungkook reminiscing the happy past with the other members in the house. But when he sees the hourglass, everything falls apart.

This theory fits perfectly with the lyrics of the “Film Out”, which describe the longing and feelings of losing a loved one.

“Film Out” Live Performances

BTS performed “Film Out” on a Japanese TV program, Count Down Live TV (CDTV). This live performance was held on June 14th, 2021. This performance was uploaded on BANGTAN TV’s YouTube Channel on the same day.

Let’s watch the “Film Out” Live Performace on CDTV below!

“Film Out” Achievements

Weekly Charts

Country Chart Peak Position
Canada Canadian Hot 100 79
World Billboard Global 200 5
Hungary Single Top 40 4
Ireland IRMA 92
Japan Japan Hot 100 2
Japan Oricon Digital Singles Chart 1
Lithuania AGATA 87
New Zealand RMNZ 5
Portugal AFP 111
Singapore RIAS 7
South Korea Gaon 30
United Kingdom OCC 73
United States Billboard Hot 100 81
United States Billboard World Digital SongSales 1

Year-end Charts

Country Chart Peak Position
Japan Japan Hot 100 54


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