FFW (2017) by Twice

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“FFW” by Twice

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Twicetagram
Release Date October 30th, 2017
Length 3:46
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter Lee Kiwon (Kiggen) and Assbrass
Composer Reign White and Nao The Laiza (stylized as NAOtheLAIZA)
Genre K-pop


“FFW” (abbreviated from fast forward) is the fifth track on the album Twicetagram, the first Korean studio album of Twice. This abbreviated-titled song was released on October 30th, 2017, through JYP Entertainment. There is one lead single and twelve sidetracks in Twicetagram. From all of these twelve sidetracks, “FFW” is the fourth sidetrack. “FFW” was put after “Wow” and before “Ding Dong” in the studio album tracklist.

To introduce “FFW”, the agency released a snippet with a duration of about 15 seconds. This snippet was titled “Album Spoiler”; it means that this video was meant to give a sneak peek at the album before the album’s official release date. If you want to listen to “FFW”, grab the Twicetagram album. Or, you can listen to it digitally through Twice’s official YouTube channel, Spotify, and other various music sites. Click this video below to listen to “FFW”.

You can also listen the “FFW” highlighted part through the album spoiler video. Check this video to see the album spoiler.

Two months later, this song was officially released for the second time as a sidetrack in Twice’s second reissued album titled Merry & Happy. This reissued album came out on December 11th, 2017.

Background of “FFW” – The Story of Twicetagram

Twice once reported by media on September 8th, 2017, that they had started to shoot a music video in Canada. In response to those reports, JYP Entertainment clarified that Twice were doing some preparations for their next comeback.

On October 16th, Twice unveiled a music video trailer for the lead single. It was revealed that the lead single would be titled “Likey”. “Likey” would become the only lead single of their upcoming album titled Twicetagram. This first studio album would be released on October 30th.

You can see the tracklist poster, here.

Source: soompi.com

From this tracklist poster, we can see that Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung were the ones who participated as the sidetracks writers. Two days later, on October 23rd, the group uploaded their second group photo teaser. You can see their second photo teaser, here. (Don’t forget to click the like button for this post! :D)

Source: soompi.com

Story of “FFW” – A Very Unique Pop Song

“FFW” was lyrically written by Lee Kiwon known as Kiggen. Kiggen cooperated with Assbrass to write the lyrics of “FFW”. Reign White and Nao The Laiza (stylized as NAOtheLAIZA) composed “FFW”. Apart from composing this song, Nao The Laiza also arranged this song. This song is a very unique pop song, and lyrically this song is about a girl’s desire to turn the time and go to her future. She wants to fast forward her time and go to her future for reaching her love.

MV of “FFW”

There’s no music video released for “FFW” because it’s a sidetrack on Twicetagram. The music video that the girls shot in British Columbia, Canada, was the music video for “Likey”.

“FFW” Performance: A Performance without Choreography at the Twiceland Concert

Twice members performed “FFW” on some of their Twiceland Zone 2 concerts. This is their second tour, and the second zone for Twiceland was called Fantasy Park. This Asian tour was held in five countries, which were Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. It started on May 18th and went on until July 29th, 2018. “FFW” was performed twice at this Twiceland concert.

First, they performed this song in the Jamsil Arena, Seoul, South Korea on May 20th, 2018. Second, they performed this song in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore on June 17th, 2018. Because there’s no choreography made for “FFW”, the group performed this song by walking around the stage and waving hands to Once’s. You can watch the group’s performance by watching these fan-made videos, here.

“FFW” Achievements: Reaching 20th Position on the K-pop Hot 100

“FFW” has charted on several song charts. It dominated the Gaon Music Chart; for more details, check out the table below for the song’s peak position in every chart.

Chart Peak Position
Kpop Hot 100 (Billboard South Korea) 20
Gaon Download Music Chart 66
Gaon Digital Music Chart 97