Are You Familiar With Kim Jin-kyung and Irene Kim? Check Out the Best Female Models From South Korea!


Everything You Need To Know About The Best Female Models From South Korea

South Korea is filled with women who have super beautiful faces. The website and magazine PaperMag have released a list of South Korean models who finally entered the world scene. As a face model, they are so familiar with the camera. In addition, these beautiful women have slim body proportions which make them able to waddle on the catwalk with confidence.

Here are some of the names that have popped on the list: Kim Jin-kyung and Irene Kim. Their beauty is not inferior to stars like Jun Ji-hyun or Krystal Jung.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to the best female models from South Korea. We will start with Kim Jin-kyung, then Irene Kim, and continue listing the other beautiful models active in the present day. So, stay tuned!

Kim Jin-kyung

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Kim Jin-kyung’s name might still sound unfamiliar to the ears of Korean drama lovers. Kim Jin-kyung is a model from South Korea. In 2012, she participated in OnStyle Korea’s Next Top Model and ranked second in the finals. She has appeared in many popular magazines such as W Korea, Vogue Korea, and Elle Korea. She also made an acting debut by appearing in the web-drama Yellow, in the same year.

Born on March 3rd, 1997, though still young, she has now found her popularity after playing the main character in the Korean drama Andante. Now she is increasingly expanding her wings in the entertainment world. Now that her name is increasingly known, Kim Jin-kyung began actively participating in the entertainment world. She has been a guest star on variety shows such as Knowing Brothers, We Got Married, and Law of the Jungle shooting in the Patagonia forest. She also became a permanent member of the variety show Mimi Shop.

Not only appearing as a model and drama actress, Kim Jin-kyung also appeared in several music videos. Call it the B1A4 video clip “Lonely,” MYNAME’s “Too Very So Much,” SM Station’s “Narcissus,” Seo In Guk’s “Seasons of the Heart,” and Kangta’s “Dinner.”


Irene Kim


You will easily recognize Irene thanks to her hair which is colored like a rainbow. Her slim and towering posture (178 cm) also makes her eye-catching. Not to mention the style that is always up to date. You could say Irene has a charm as unique as Alexa Chung. “I’m bored with black hair, so two years ago I dyed it ombre blonde. But then someone imitated my hair color, I didn’t want anyone to emulate, so I dyed it blue.” Since then, her hair has become a trademark. Every two weeks, Irene will dye her hair at her regular hairstylist.

Korean-born Irene said she was born and raised in America. She just stepped on Korea in high school. There, she felt alienated because her skin was yellow, but her taste was like Caucasian. “I am a banana type, yellow on the outside, white on the inside,” she explained. Not surprisingly, Irene returned to the USA to study. But after all, Korea was the one who raised her name. Two years ago, Irene realized that she has a desire to become a model. “Too late, anyway…” she admitted because, at that time, Irene was 25 years old.

However, the Korean public likes this new girl. She often runs for Korean designers at Seoul Fashion Week. But modeling is not the most meritorious appeal that catapulted her name, but TV. Irene co-hosted the famous British TV program K-Style on Mnet America and Korea’s Style Live.

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Lee Sung-kyung


Who isn’t smitten by Lee Sung-kyung, this YGK Plus actress and model? This woman, who was born on August 10th, 1990, was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. In 2008, Lee Sung-kyung debuted as a catwalk model. And in the same year, she managed to get her first award, the Lex Prize, at the 17th Super Model Contest.

Then, she was awarded again in 2009 as the Unix Hair Style Prize at the 2nd Asia Pacific Super Model Contest, then received the Best Female Fashion Model of the Year at the 2014 CFDK Fashion Award. In 2011, Lee Sung-kyung debuted as an MV model by starring in the MV of Simon D feat. Zion.T – Stay Cool.

In the following years, she made her presence even more noticeable by starring in various MVs such as the MV of Kang Seung Yoon – Wild and Young, Two One Two – Urban Zakapa, and Re-Bye – AKMU. Lee Sung-kyung debuted in acting in 2014 starring in the drama It’s That Love. Not unexpectedly, the appearance of the inauguration immediately captured the attention of the audience even though she only became a supporting actress.

In 2015 she also got the main role in the drama Queen’s Flower. And from the drama, she got her first award in acting as Best New Actress in a Special Drama Project at the 34th MBC Drama Awards. In 2016, Lee Sung-kyung’s name became even more popular by starring in 3 popular dramas namely Cheese in the Trap, Doctors, and of course, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. All the characters she plays are very much different, but she manages to play everything to the maximum.

Thanks to her role as Kim Bok-joo, Lee Sung-kyung also managed to get an Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries at the 35th MBC Drama Awards. And in 2018, Lee Sung-kyung regained the leading role in the drama About Time. As for the big screen, Lee Sung-kyung only debuted in 2017 by being the voice actor for Poppy in the animated film Trolls. She later starred in the film Lovesling in 2018 and Girl’s Cops in 2019.


Ho-yeon Jung


Ho-yeon Jung is a South Korean fashion model. Vogue dubbed her as “Korea’s next top model,” and she appeared in the 4th season of Namesake. She is currently ranked as one of the “Top 50” fashion models by

This unique-looking model with the characteristics of her red hair began to be known after following a model search event in Korea. She started being invited by the designers to become their muse for the various fashion shows. Ho-yeon Jung’s name in the fashion world became increasingly known after she walked on the Louise Vuitton spring/summer 2017 runway with her eye-catchy red hair.

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