Female K-Pop Idols That Look Attractive With Short Hairstyles

9. IU’s Short Hair

IU short hair

The angelic singer, actress, and also songwriter IU also cut her hair short in 2017 this year after doing it once before back in 2013. The singer of “Good Day” fits every single hair style, but having short hair makes her look even cuter and prettier as she has a petite body.

10. AOA Jimin’s Short Hair

AOA jimin short hair

The AOA’s leader Shin Ji Min, who recently was accused of getting plastic surgery, used to have short hair when the AOA single “Short Hair” was released. Although her hair is now getting longer, she looks pretty as well.

11. F(x) Sulli’s Short Hair

Sulli Short Hair

Another K-pop idol, Sulli, is one of F(x)’s members who has short hair. The photo was from when she played in the drama “To The Beautiful You” back in 2012 with Shinee’s Minho as her partner. As Sulli played the character of Goo Jae Hee, who pretend to be a male student, she has her beautiful long hair cut short to be able to attend the same school as Minho, but still she looks feminine as always.

12. Nine Muses Eunji’s Short Hair

Nine Muses Eunji short hair

Eun Ji cut her hair short for Nine Muses single “Wild”, her blond and short hair gives her a more boyish look.

13. T-ara Eunjung’s Short Hair

T-ara Eunjang short hair

Starring in one of Koreas most famous dramas “Dream High” along with Suzy, T-ara Eun Jang was known as Go Hye Mi’s best friend. She can be easily spotted and known as she cut her hair short making her look boyish and cool but also pretty.

14. Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Short Hair

Sunny short hair

Sunny is one of the Girls’ Generation members who often changes her hairstyle along with Tae Yeon. When she got her hair cut short with blonde color, well she rocked it!

15. AOA Choa’s Short Hair

AOA ChoA short hair

Another AOA member, Choa, is also known for her cute short and blonde hairstyle though it is getting longer now. But for some fans, Choa is much more attractive with short hair. Who do you like more in short hair? Jimin or Choa?

16. Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain Short Hair

Gain short hari

Gain is always known as the K-pop idol with short hair, as she has always had her hair short throughout her career, but maybe because it makes her boyish and sexy at the same time.

17. Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Short Hair

Hyeri short hair

Well, people were wondering why Hyeri got her hair cut, but it turned out that it suited her character in her recent drama “Reply 1988”. Two thumbs up!

18. Twice Chaeyoung’s Short Hair

Twice Chae young shot hair

Another K-pop idol who gained a good response by having short hair, but the reason behind her decision of having short hair shocked everyone, as she revealed that she was inspired by Kristen Stewart.

19. Brown Eyed Girl Narsha’s Short Hair

BEG Narsha short hair

Fans were all surprised as Narsha uploaded a selfie of herself on her own Twitter account, wearing a white shirt and with her new hair style, but everyone seems to like her short hair as fans commented “The short hair looks good on her”.

20. Fat Cat’s Short Hair

Fat Cat short hair

The solo singer who gained popularity after her performance in rapper Defconn’s song “How Rappers Break Up Part 2, Kim So Young was one of the K-pop idols who looks just perfect with short hair.

So, among all those 20 female K-pop idols, who do you think is the most attractive with a short hairstyle?