Female K-Pop Idols That Look Attractive With Short Hairstyles

Suzy short hair

K-pop Idols with Short Hair, Angelic or Boyish?

Everyone always pictures K-pop Idols as angels with pretty faces, good body shape, slim legs, and pale skin, but it doesn’t mean that every K-pop Idol looks the same. Some show different characteristics with short hair, which makes them look angelic or boyish. Here are some K-pop idols who will flatter you with their short hairstyles.

1. Suzy’s Short Hair

Suzy short hair

Starting her new drama “While You Were Sleeping”, Suzy got her hair cut to a short hairstyle to match her character in her new drama as Nam Hong Joo, the girl who is active and friendly. This is the very first time since her debut in 2010.

2. Krystal F(x)’s Short Hair

Krystal short hair

After finishing her role in “Bride of The Water God”, she cut her hair short when attending Tod’s fashion show for the Milan Fashion Week. Well, she looks pretty and angelic in any hairstyle for sure.

3. Park Soo-jin’s Short Hair

Park Soo Jin short hair

Since “Boys Before Flower” era, Park Soo Jin has been recognized as a “Short Haired Goddess”. With her short hair, she looks brighter and sexier even in her 30s. Having short hair also makes her look taller with her 164 cm height.

4. Hyeyeon Bestie’s Short Hair

Bestie Hyeyeon short hair

One of the members of the South Korea girl group, Bestie, Hyeyeon, is new in South Korean entertainment, but she has gained popularity as she has a chic pale face.

5. 2NE1 Minzy’s Short Hair

minzy short hair

2NE1, the girlband which just disbanded last year, will always be known for their rock style, especially their unique hairstyles. One of them is Minzy who got her hair dyed blonde and cut short.

6. Twice Jeongyeon’s Short Hair

Jeong Yeon Twice short hair

Who doesn’t know Twice? The JYP girl band who just debuted in 2015. But there is one Twice member who takes the spotlight as she appeared with short hair on Twice’s most famous song “Cheer Up” which brought them their current popularity.

7. F(x) Amber’s Short Hair

Amber short hair

Since debut, Amber has been known for her boyish style as she has a boy like hairstyle. Her short boyish hair makes her look as cool as other male K-pop idols. Maybe this is the reason why fans ship her with Krystal.

8. Girls’ Generation Sooyoung’s Short Hair

Sooyoung short hair

Being the tallest in Girls’ Generation doesn’t mean that Sooyoung will look bad in short hair. Instead, she looks stunning! Look at her showing off her cuteness!