Here Are Female K-Pop Idols Who Are Similar To Disney Princesses

Let’s Find the Relationships Between Beautiful K-Pop Idols and Disney Princesses

K-pop idols have dominated the world nowadays, including female idols. They are not only beautiful, but are also talented and have strong personalities. Some of them have been compared to and matched up with some popular Disney Princesses such as Aurora, Jasmine, Moana, Merida, Snow White, and others. Channel-Korea will show you some dazzling female K-Pop idols who share similarities with Disney Princesses. Keep reading!

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – Jasmine

Hwasa from Mamamoo has long black hair and a pointed face with curved cheeks like Jasmine, the Disney Princess from the movie Aladdin.

Look at the picture of Hwasa below, and to compare it to Princess Jasmine. Her tanned skin and body match the Jasmine character, as well. Hwasa is approved as a one hundred percent lookalike to Aladdin’s Princess. Ready for your flying carpet, Hwasa?


Girls Day’s Yura – Ariel

Yura, thev member of Girls Day, has long, red wavy hair that makes her resemble Ariel, the Mermaid Princess. Look at her lips and pale skin tone. We couldn’t agree more that she looks like Ariel. Just put her in a fishtail costume and Yura could be Ariel in real life!

Check this out this picture, below. Yura’s long, pointed face also mirrors Ariel.

IU – Snow White

The soloist and actress, IU, has pale white skin and looks like the Snow White character. The picture of her holding an apple, above, is so suitable! IU could be called incarnation of Snow White. The princess also has a pure heart and a kind, naive personality, like some of the characters IU has played in several dramas.

IU’s short black hair and small face only enhance her resemblance to Snow White. Don’t you agree? Look at this picture below!

HyunA – Princess Merida of DunBroch

Hyuna is South Korean soloist who debuted in 2010 under Cube Entertainment. She has bright orange hair with curly waves that is similar to that of Princess Merida of DunBroch from the movie Brave. Hyuna’s white skin, and long neck also resemble Merida’s!

Red Velvet’s Seulgi – Mulan

Seulgi ,who is member of Red Velvet under SM Entertainment, went viral when some core fans edited a picture of her into Disney movie adaptation poster, Mulan. Seulgi really looks like Mulan, who has long, black hair and is a strong woman with a sharp look in her eyes.

CompareMulan and Seulgi, below, and see if you can find the similarity in these two pictures.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa – Aurora


Lisa is Thai K-Pop star and a member of BLACKPINK, whose popular song Boombayaah just debuted in the United States recently. She is beautiful and has long, bright hair like Princess Aurora. Her bright, palet skin and big eyes mirror Princess Aurora’s.

It could be confirmed that many people agree that Lisa looks like Princess Aurora. Some core fans have done picture editing of her as the Aurora character. Her bright, cute smile is very like the smile that Aurora has.

Miss A’s Suzy – Belle

Suzy, former member of Miss A and ex-girlfriend of Lee Min Ho, has similar traits with  Belle in Beauty and The Beast, another Disney movie. Like when Belle was wearing a yellow gown and dancing with the Beast, Suzy also has a picture of her in a yellow dress. Her long hair is sometimes brown, and her white skin have made some fans say she is the reincarnation of Belle. Also like Belle, she’s both beautiful and smart!


TWICE’s Jihyo – Moana

Jihyo, member of TWICE, a girl-group that’s been called the national girl-group of South Korea, has big, clear eyes like Moana has. Moana, as we know, is the Disney Princess of seas and voyaging.

In the picture above, Jihyo has curly, wavy hair like Moana, her boldness, bravery and courage also makes her similar to Moana. What do you think?

That’s all about the female K-Pop idols who look like Disney Princesses. They have popularity like Disney Princesses have, too. Who knows, in the future, there might be a Kingdom of Disney K-Pop, right? Do you have any more idea about somebody else? Give your comments below, and share who is similar with who.