From Cheng Xiao to Zhou Jieqiong, Here’s a List of Female Idols with Pretty Faces From China!

Gugudan’s Sally

This time, Guangdong girl coming to South Korea to chase her dream. She is Liu Xie Ning or Sally, the lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of Gugudan. She used to be a CF model in China and appeared in VIXX’s “Chained Up” MV. Sally has been cast in the Chinese drama Hello, My Rival. She has a humorous personality as she loves to make everyone around her laugh really hard.

Sally also has beautiful facial features, with a v-shape face, charming eyes, and a small mouth. She can appear both cute and mature. Her very pointed nose is really the highlighted feature on her face. She slightly looks like Momoland’s Nancy.

f(x)’s Victoria

The second-generation K-Pop idols also have a Chinese gem, she is Song Qian, or commonly known as Victoria. Victoria used to be the leader, main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and visual of f(x). But, after her contract with SM Entertainment had expired, Victoria decided to leave the agency following her bandmate Amber. She’s focusing on chasing her career in China, and now she is one of the most popular celebrities in China by being an actress, singer, model, dancer, and TV personality.

Although she is 32 years old already, her beauty is not gone. She is still the fresh Victoria with her high sense of fashion. Many brands make her become their model or ambassador. She also has a tall and great body proportion. She is the dream of a 30s woman.