List of Female idols who Look Shocking Different After Plastic Surgery: AOA’s Jimin, Apink’s Namjoo, and More

JEWELRY’s Ye-won

Kim Ye-won, or better known as one of the members of the girl group Jewelry, has also been the subject of conversation when she explained that she had plastic surgery. In 2012, Jewelry’s Yewon was present as a cast member on KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth and at that time, they were preparing for a celebration day with villagers in the final episode.

In this episode, the cast members were invited to play back their memories of the past. Jewelry’s Yewon revealed that some time ago her laminate tooth was removed and she should have gone to the dentist to remove it. But because at that time there was a filming process for Invincible Youth, Jewelry’s Yewon could not go there and she had to be careful if she coughed, her tooth would fall out.

The MC then continued by asking her if she has done anything other than laminate treatment? Then Jewelry’s Yewon answered shyly and said no. When the MC said that there were many doctors who watched the program, Jewelry’s Yewon then continued while answering that she had performed several beauty procedures on her face.

If we pay attention to Jewelry’s Yewon’s face from time to time, it can be seen clearly that there are some changes that make the ex-virtual wife of Henry Lau in We Got Married look more beautiful and thinner because previously Jewelry’s Yewon looked chubby.

In 2015, Jewelry’s Yewon who was filming with Henry Lau also said that she had plastic surgery and that the scene appeared in one episode of We Got Married. The couple went to a fortune teller while on a date in Hongdae.

The fortune teller told Henry Lau that he had a slightly crooked nose and Yewon asked how calm his face was and the fortune teller asked, “Have you done it?” insinuating a plastic surgery procedure and Yewon admitted it.

Henry Lau’s reaction at that time was surprised to learn of his virtual wife after Jewelry’s Yewon admitted that she had plastic surgery on her nose. She continued that she only had a little plastic surgery on her nose and wanted to do it again to fix a little on the tip of her nose.

In addition to plastic surgery on the nose, in 2017 Jewelry’s Yewon also had surgery on her ears. Although this is not a plastic surgery procedure to beautify her, the ear surgery obtained by Jewelry’s Yewon was due to an infection and she had to undergo tympanoplasty, a common procedure for improving hearing in the middle ear.

Currently, Jewelry’s Hyewon is busy with activities and promotions as an actress. She is also often present on several variety shows and is seen enjoying her busy schedule by posting a few photos on her Instagram account. Kim Yewon looks more mature and beautiful with her appearance now.

What do you think about the change in the face of Jewelry’s Yewon after undergoing plastic surgery?

KARA’s Hara

Goo Hara, one of the members of the girl group KARA, has also been a hot topic of conversation because of the changes in her face. In 2011, KARA’s Hara was a guest on the SBS Strong Heart. At the event, KARA’s Hara shared that she had done minor plastic surgeries to make the lid folds clearer and smoothed her teeth.

KARA’s Hara is one of the active members of the group and looks busy with her activities and promotions as a solo artist. She is also often present on variety shows. KARA’s Hara does have a small face, round eyes and thin lips. KARA’s Hara looks more and more beautiful from time to time so her charm and charisma as an idol have been also increasingly shining.

The singer also returned with news of plastic surgery because of her latest photos which showed a different visual from KARA’s Hara’s previous appearance. It was known after KARA’s Hara appeared at a music event in Japan. The solo singer who had changed her nickname as Goo Hara was in the spotlight of the netizens because of her changing face.

Finally, the idol confessed that she did plastic surgery and that was also due to the doctor’s diagnosis. Ptosis correction surgery (Goo Hara surgery) is a surgical procedure to strengthen the muscles of the eyelids so that the iris is more visible when the eyes are open.

In March 2019, Goo Hara posted her photo in the middle of her schedule in Japan and the photo invited questions from fans and netizens because they assumed that Goo Hara had done plastic surgery.

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“Hara. Why did you do the eyelid surgery again?” wrote a netizen. Goo Hara replied to the netizen’s comments and finally admitted that she did the beauty procedure on her eyelids.

“Is it a sin to do ptosis correction surgery? I did it because I experienced symptoms,” Goo Hara replied. She also responded to other netizens’ comments about the new plastic surgery she had undergone. “You looked prettier before the plastic surgery,” netizens wrote. “Yes. Thank you for thinking that,” Goo Hara said. Later, Goo Hara deleted the photo post from her social media.

Goo Hara is known to have gotten a lot of negative comments and hate comments about her personal life to the insults about her physical appearance as well as plastic surgery. Although Hara explained that the plastic surgery procedure was done for health, it seems that many netizens still hate Goo Hara because of her new appearance.

Apart from Goo Hara’s physical appearance and plastic surgery she had done in the past, Goo Hara is now passed away and it would be nice if we pray for the best so that Goo Hara can rest in peace.

That was all the information about some of the K-Pop female idols who have been suspected of having plastic surgery to beautify their faces. There are also some who have said that the procedure is for the treatment and care steps of their health. Let’s pray for the best and support K-Pop idols in their future careers rather than posting bad comments about their visual appearance.