List of Female idols who Look Shocking Different After Plastic Surgery: AOA’s Jimin, Apink’s Namjoo, and More

Girls Day’s Hyeri

The girl group famous for the song “Something” in South Korea, Girls Day, was also suspected of having done plastic surgery because the members’ faces were getting more and more beautiful. One of them is Hyeri who looked already beautiful before her debut.

Several photos of Girls’ Day’s Hyeri’s pre-debut and debut appeared in the online community and netizens talked about how her face has changed throughout time and looks very different. Many suspected that the girl group member who played a major role in the drama Reply 1988 (2015) had done plastic surgery.

In the photos above, netizens suspected that Girls’ Day’s Hyeri has put implants in the forehead because previously she had a flat forehead shape. Girls’ Day’s Hyeri is one of the most active members to promote outside the group and is quite popular among idols.

After the forehead implant process, many photographs give the results of the difference between the previous forehead shape and the swelling that occurred after the plastic implant forehead surgery performed by Girls’ Day’s Hyeri. It was very clear that her forehead was no longer the same as before and had its own effect after the forehead implant process.

After the forehead implant, Girls’ Day’s Hyeri looks more beautiful and her aura as an idol is more radiant and charismatic. The singer of the popular song “Ring My Bell” also knew that she was the topic of conversation because of the rumor about plastic surgery and she showed that her nose was 100% real in the 2016 V-Live broadcast that she did with other Girls’ Day members.

After that, Girls’ Day’s Yura told the audience that Hyeri’s nose was very elastic and soft. Girls’ Day’s Yura and Sojin then approached Hyeri and they squeezed until they turned Hyeri’s nose until she pressed it up to the left and right that her nose was not the result of plastic surgery.

A few years later, Girls’ Day made their last comeback with I’ll Be Yours, now busy with their respective activities and promotions. However, Girls’ Day’s Hyeri’s appearance, which is arguably more beautiful, invited questions and comments among the netizens because of the pictures she uploaded on Instagram in August 2018.

Instead of praising, Girls’ Day’s Hyeri’s comments column received many negative responses. “Please stop acting. I’m saying this because I care about you,” commented a netter. “Plastic surgery makes her look mediocre among girl groups. But all have limits,” said another netter. “Drama failed, variety failed, the queen failed,” added another.

“Plastic surgery is only useful to a certain extent. Not only is her acting bad but I feel that her unnatural face is also the reason why her popularity has dropped,” said a netter. “I wonder how cool it feels to see the change in your face. She used to even put a silicone implant in the forehead,” said another.

Still not satisfied with the actions of the previous netizens, netizens again attacked Girls’ Day’s Hyeri and commented on her latest appearance via a selca post which she uploaded on Instagram in December 2018.

Girls’ Day’s Hyeri poses with her red lips while tilting her head to the left in the photo. But netizens snickered back her nose which is called big and there is also a discussion about her acting skills.

“She is the cause of all movies and dramas fails,” commented a netter. “Her nose is really big,” added another netter. “I think the color red doesn’t really suit her. I don’t think she’s very beautiful (in this photo),” said another. “She gets a lot of attention for the little talent she has,” sneered the netters. “Her nose. I’m sure she didn’t fix it despite undergoing as much plastic surgery as possible,” concluded another.

Hyeri is currently better known as an actress and appears as a guest star on variety shows. Because it was considered a lot of changes from the face of Girls’ Day’s Hyeri, many netizens commented that she should stop undergoing plastic surgery procedures to beautify the face.

So what do you think of the changes in the face of Girls’ Day’s Hyeri throughout time?