List of Female idols who Look Shocking Different After Plastic Surgery: AOA’s Jimin, Apink’s Namjoo, and More

SECRET Member And Actress Han Sun-hwa

Former girl group SECRET member Han Sunhwa, who now has a career as an actress has also been discussed because of the change in the shape of her face after plastic surgery. In 2013, Han Sunhwa appeared as a guest star on the KBS program Hello. Han Sunhwa, who came as a guest with other SECRET members, Song Ji-eun and also Teen Top’s Niel and Chunji members, became a hot topic of conversation at that time.

As usual, the program discussed how ordinary people cashed their hearts for their problems with the K-Pop idols present. But apparently, the ‘new face’ of Han Sunhwa was no less interesting to the attention of the audience.

It was due to some changes in Han Sunhwa’s face. ZE: A’s ex-Kwanghee’s virtual wife looks different with thicker eye lines and a thinner jawline than before. These changes immediately gave rise to the notion that Han Sunhwa had undergone plastic surgery.

In fact, because of this uproar gossip, Han Sunhwa’s name immediately skyrocketed in cyberspace. Her name became the top-search in the search engines after the event was over.

“At first, I thought it was a newcomer singer because they called her Han Han Sunhwa,” commented one netizen. “Is this the power of make-up or has she just had plastic surgery?” another commented. “I didn’t even recognize her because she looked different,” said another netter.

“SECRET recently sought out a new beauty salon so that there was a change in Han Sunhwa’s make-up style. The reason how she could look so different was because of that and Han Sunhwa had not done any plastic surgery or other beauty procedures. By comparing her old photos and at the moment, the difference is so obvious,”

TS Entertainment

In 2019, Han Sun-hwa also returned to talks due to changes in her face and is thought to have undergone plastic surgery procedures to change her appearance to be more beautiful. The actress was attending a press conference for her latest drama, Save Me 2, which was broadcast on OCN.

On that occasion, Han Sunhwa looked stunning with a short pastel-colored dress and parsing her long hair, but there was something different in the appearance of the 28-year-old idol this time that her face looked swollen.

This immediately made the netters point out that Han Sunhwa had undergone plastic surgery to make her even more beautiful. However, Han Sunhwa immediately denied firmly the accusation despite acknowledging that her face had become a little chubby.

“Ah, so that’s why your nose is swollen, isn’t it? I have seen many people with swollen eyes and cheeks. Next time, don’t do too many fillers if you don’t want your face to become big,” commented a netter. “Does she think we are fools who can’t distinguish between plastic surgery and not?” another exclaimed. “Please don’t damage your face again, you’re already like an ahjumma,” said another.

As has happened with other actresses or idols who have undergone plastic surgery procedures, the natural thing that happens after performing plastic surgery is facial swelling that cannot be hidden. Han Sunhwa, who appeared in public with her swollen face, made netizens increasingly suspicious that she had just had plastic surgery.

Han Sunhwa then uploaded a photo on Instagram captioning it, “My face is swollen today, but please look forward to the drama and Go Ma Dam.”

After finding out her name became the hottest search on the internet, Han Sunhwa immediately changed the caption on the photo and wrote, “I became famous for the olives and wine I drank last night.”

While her agency, Huayi Brothers also denied the allegations of plastic surgery, “She looks different in some photos because her face was swollen,” explained the agency.

Han Sunhwa still looks the same as before but looks more beautiful and mature. Her acting skills are even better with activities and promotions as an actress in several dramas. Han Sunhwa was seen enjoying her life at the moment. What do you think of the changing appearance of Han Sunhwa?

SNSD’s Hyo-yeon

Who doesn’t know the popular girl group from SM Entertainment, Girls’ Generation? Members of this girl group have also been accused of having done plastic surgery because many people pay attention to the visuals of the members who are getting more beautiful throughout time. One of them is Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon who has a position as lead dancer and rapper in the group who sang “Kissing You.”

In 2012, Girls ‘Generation Hyoyeon was suspected of having done plastic surgery because of the shape of her face that changed when she appeared as an MC on MBC’s Music Core with Jung Yong-hwa and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

But the netters’ attention was only focused on Hyoyeon who appeared beautiful and different. The beautiful woman looked more cheerful than usual. There were even some netizens who saw the odd nose of Hyoyeon. This was why Hyoyeon’s gossip about having done plastic surgery was discussed up until a while ago.

“She still looks beautiful. I think she’s Tiffany,” commented a netter. “She looks very different from usual,” commented another netter.

Since then, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has been one of the most frequent topics of talk about plastic surgery. There is no clarification from the agency or Hyoyeon about the change in her face, but netizens and the public suspect she has done some plastic surgery procedures to beautify her nose and jaw.

In addition to plastic surgery, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon also changed her make-up style and made her appearance slightly different from the debut era to the present. In her appearance on Fashion N’s Please Take Care of My Vanity 3 program that aired in December 2017, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon revealed that she trimmed a bit of her eyebrows to make it easier to draw her eyebrows and look different from her appearance in earlier times.

Not much has changed from Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon’s appearance to date. The dancing machine of Girls’ Generation looks more mature and beautiful, she is also confident with her current appearance.

Aside from being a member of a girl group, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon is currently also busy with her solo debut as a DJ and doing lots of promotions overseas by introducing her latest songs. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon is also famous because she often changes fashion styles; from make-up, hairstyles, and clothes.

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What do you think of Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon’s latest appearance?