What Are Seventeen Member’s Ideal Type?

2. Seventeen Jeonghan’s Ideal Type

jeonghan seventeen ideal type

If you think that the angel of Seventeen wants his ideal type to be someone who is super feminine, you are right. JeongHan’s ideal type is a girl who is petite and cute. He likes a girl with a cute haircut. Someone who has double eyelids and has a puppy-like face.

jeonghan seventeen ideal type

For Jeonghan’s ideal personality, he wants someone who cares about him a lot. Although he likes a cute girl, he would prefer his ideal type to be someone who is not shy and not so loud (someone who can control her voice). Either she is an extrovert or introvert, it doesn’t matter much for Jeonghan. He likes someone who can be a little bit serious, but can also be crazy with him. Someone who is smart and doesn’t ask to hang out often, someone who can just chill with him at home. His ideal type should not be someone who only wants fancy dinners. Jeonghan also likes girls who can be both immature and mature depending on the situation, but the important thing is she has to be kind toward others.

jeonghan seventeen ideal type

And the last requirement is a little bit unique, JeongHan wants his girl to not only love him, but all of the Seventeen members and wants her to buy their album. Someone who is supportive toward his career as an idol.

3. Seventeen Joshua’s Ideal Type

joshua seventeen ideal type

Joshua’s ideal type of girl is someone who is caring towards him, someone who loves him and is very affectionate. Someone who cares a lot just like his mom. As for extroverts or introverts, Joshua said that he is okay with both because he is actually more talkative than others think he is, but he also prefers someone who can stay calm at times. But he wants a girl who can stay both at home and also go out with him. Joshua likes someone who has passion and drive.

joshua seventeen ideal type

As for appearance, he doesn’t ask for a super perfect girl, but Joshua mentioned he likes someone who looks pretty, cute and has a good personality. But, the good thing is Joshua doesn’t really care about his ideal type’s fashion sense (so you can still wear whatever you like around him).

4. Seventeen Jun’s Ideal Type

jun seventeen ideal type

The most important criteria of Jun is that she is innocent. Jun likes someone who has an innocent and clean image. Someone who looks pure, just like an angel. Jun likes someone who also looks elegant. But he also mentioned that he likes a girl with a sexy look.

jun seventeen ideal type

As for his ideal personality, he likes someone who is energetic and someone he can be playful with but also shy. Someone that is supportive, encouraging, and can understand him wholeheartedly. Someone who will always think about him, but can also bond with the other Seventeen members.

Bonus points if she can speak Chinese so that it is easier for him to communicate with her.

5. Seventeen Hoshi’s Ideal Type

hoshi seventeen ideal type

Hoshi’s ideal type is someone who loves him and someone he can “give and take”. Hoshi wants to have a girlfriend who he can give chocolate to and get hugs and kisses in return (for sure, you would be willing to give him chocolate every day). He likes a “homey girl”, he wants his girl to make him feels like “home” whenever they are together.

Just like Jun, Hoshi prefers someone who is an extrovert but also has a shy side (someone who can blush easily) because he thinks that it is cute. As he likes a homey girl, his ideal type is someone who prefers to hang out together with a small group rather than go partying. He also wants to hang out with his girl often.

hoshi seventeen ideal type

As for her appearance, Hoshi likes someone who smells good. Someone who is cheerful and will laugh at anything that he says, but not when he is in a serious mood. He likes a girl with a bright and beautiful smile.

Not only that, he also wants a girl who is tolerable and supportive toward his career as an idol and will not be jealous when he is surrounded by his fans.