What’s Happening to Fei Since Miss A’s Disbandment?

Fei’s Latest News


On January 23rd, 2019, Fei confirmed that she had parted ways with JYP Entertainment in late 2018 after her contract expired. She signed with Huayi Brothers in order to pursue her solo career in China.

In February 2019, Fei surprised her fans and brought her fans back to the era of Miss A. Fei brought some movements of a song by Miss A accompanied by two dancers behind her and ended with two solo songs. Of course, this made many fans of Miss A reminisce about Miss A. She shared the video on her official YouTube channel on February 17th, and Fei was joined by two dancers as she performed snippets of Miss A’s popular hits “Bad Girl Good Girl,” “Breath,” “Goodbye Baby,” “Touch,” “Hush,” and “Only You.” In the end, she also performed moments from her solo releases like “Fantasy” and “Hello.