Everything You Need To Know About Favorite’s Seoyeon

Favorite's Seoyeon

Learn More About Favorite’s Visual Kim Min-joo a.k.a Seoyeon!

Favorite (Hangul: 페이버릿) is a South Korean girl group under Astory Entertainment that debuted on July 6, 2017, with their debut single titled “Party Time.” Favorite has 6 original members with Gaeul, Saebom, Seoyeon, Sugyeong, Jeonghee, and Ahra. Favorite is still active until now and made a comeback in 2020 with a single titled “LIE.”

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of Favorite who also has the positions of lead dancer, vocalist, and visual. Do you know about her from the hints above? If not, let’s get to know more about Favorite’s Seoyeon starting from her full profile, fun facts, until her appearance in JTBC’s MixNine in this article below!

Favorite’s Seoyeon’s Full Profile

Favorite's Seoyeon

Real Name: Kim Min-joo (Hangul: 김민주)

Stage Name: Seoyeon (Hangul: 서연)

Birth: Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, November 26, 1995

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 170 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual


  • Hanlim High School for Performing Arts (Entertainment / Graduation)
  • Konkuk University (Department of Theater and Film / Leave of absence)

Nationality: Korean

Official Site: Instagram ( mooominjoo )

Favorite’s Seoyeon’s Fun Facts

Favorite's Seoyeon
  1. Favorite’s Seoyeon has an older sister
  2. Favorite’s Seoyeon’s main charm is her big gummy smile
  3. Favorite’s Seoyeon was a former JYP Entertainment trainee
  4. Favorite’s Seoyeon’s favorite color is pink
  5. Favorite’s Seoyeon listens to a lot of songs by Park Hyo-shin
  6. Favorite’s Seoyeon likes watching eating shows
  7. Favorite’s Seoyeon says she has the height, fair complexion, and young fresh look of the group
  8. Favorite’s Seoyeon’s idols are Park Hyo-shin and IU
  9. Favorite’s Seoyeon participated in MIXNINE and ended at rank 26
  10. Favorite’s Seoyeon’s hobbies are coloring books, eating alone, and listening to music
  11. Favorite’s Seoyeon’s specialties are typing and doing high-fashion model poses
  12. Favorite’s Seoyeon was selected as a model for Samsung Digital Plaza in 2018
  13. Favorite’s Seoyeon said that she rarely wears clothes when sleeping
  14. Favorite’s Seoyeon used to be a model of Hanyul’s Brown Pine Needle Anti-Serum in 2017
  15. Favorite’s Seoyeon thinks that her real name Min-joo is too common for her to use for a stage name

Favorite’s Seoyeon’s “What’s in My Bag?”

Favorite's Seoyeon

As idols with many schedules to attend to, they certainly have a lot of things to bring to meet their needs in daily activities. In one of the contents uploaded by Favorite on their YouTube channel, each member gained the opportunity to reveal what items they bring when they are on a schedule.

Favorite's Seoyeon

The first item that Favorite’s Seoyeon took out from her bag was a pouch in the shape of a gray bear. Inside, she took out powder, hand cream, and other make-up tools. The next item she took out from her bag was a mask and cushion.

Favorite's Seoyeon

Not only that but Favorite’s Seoyeon also brought other items such as purses and Pepero as one of her favorite snacks to enjoy when they take a break. Then, the idol with the real name Kim Min-joo was seen taking out a card and a piece of money before revealing another thing from the bag which was a mirror.

Favorite's Seoyeon

At that time, Favorite’s Seoyeon also took out a book she was studying, a comb, lip tint, AirPods, a hair tie, wet tissues, and also a piece of paper that was trash in her bag.

Watch the full version of Favorite’s Seoyeon’s “What’s in My Bag” in the video below!

Favorite’s Seoyeon’s Appearance in MixNine

Favorite's Seoyeon

Favorite’s Seoyeon showed off her skills as a contestant on JTBC’s MixNine that was aired on January 26, 2018. During this survival show, Favorite’s Seoyeon maintained her position and did her best to improve her skill as an idol. She used her real name Kim Min-joo under Story Entertainment while appearing in this survival show.

Let’s get to know more about Favorite’s Seoyeon’s journey on JTBC’s MixNine in this session below!

Favorite's Seoyeon

Kim Min-joo made it to Grade A during the showcase that aired at the beginning of the episode. In the next episode, Kim Min-joo was ranked at 31st place in episode 4. She then got a position at 35th place in episode 5. She was at 68th and rose to 30th place in episode 7 after the first elimination round.

In episode 8, Kim Min-joo dropped to 44th place, then 22th in episode 10 during the second elimination round. She then got to 27th place in episode 11 and got 26th place in episode 13 where she was eliminated exactly 1 episode before the finals.

Episode 8 shows one of the best performances that Kim Min-joo and her team have ever shown during MixNine. For the performance that was aired on December 17, 2017, all contestants were given a new mission, which was Formation Battle, and were divided into 10 teams.

In this episode, Kim Min-joo was teamed up with a team named Your Girl and performed “Bad Girl Good Girl” by Miss A which got a score of 8024 and managed to become the 1st winner during this episode and gained an additional 10,000 points.

One of the focus fancams above shows Kim Min-joo performing with her team in episode 10. In this episode, all female teams were given 3 songs, and Kim Min-joo’s team performed a song that was popularized by MC Mong titled “After This Night.” In the focus fancam above, you can see Kim Min-joo’s performance which looks beautiful but also sexy at the same time.

Favorite's Seoyeon

Although Kim Min-joo did not make it into the line-up for the debut group of MixNine, she managed to give her best when she became a contestant in this survival show and was also able to maintain her position until the final episode.

Well, that is all of the information about Favorite’s Seoyeon and everything you should know about her. Let’s keep giving Favorite’s Seoyeon a lot of support and love and hope that her future career will shine even more. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!