Favorite’s Gaeul’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101,’ and More!

Favorite’s Gaeul’s Focus Fancams

Let’s find out more about Favorite’s Gaeul’s focus fancams to get to know more about her while performing with the group!

On May 18, 2019, Favorite held a performance at the Osan City Youth Festival by presenting their single titled “Hush.” In this performance, Favorite looks beautiful and sexy at the same time. Favorite’s Gaeul wore a white outfit and black shorts while performing in this focus fancam.

She looks charismatic when delivering this very great performance on the stage. Favorite’s Gaeul who also has a position as the leader of the group also looks beautiful by wearing a choker, necklace, and also big earrings to make her appearance look brighter on stage.

On July 16, 2019, Favorite was back at an event held in Chuncheon and showed the leader of the group, Favorite’s Gaeul, looking so charismatic on the stage. Different from the previous focus fancam, this event was held in the evening and also suited it very well because the song “Hush” also sounded very enjoyable at night. The former contestant of Produce 101: Season 1, Park Ga-eul, also looked cool while wearing an all black outfit from her crop top, short pants, and high boots in this performance, making her appearance even look fierce and strong.

On November 23, 2019, Favorite attended Suwonchonnom [Northern Compatriots Experience Memoir Awards Ceremony] and performed there while bringing “Loca” in this performance. Every member looks very energetic while dancing on the stage. Just like the previous performance, the members are also wearing black outfits but more in a feminine way because Favorite’s Gaeul was wearing this half black velvet dress, and, as usual, she looks powerful while doing “Loca”‘s choreography in this performance.

On May 13, 2018, Favorite attended e-Sports Festival Olympic Park and held a performance there. If you usually see Favorite’s performance with a girl crush concept, in this performance while bringing one of their singles titled “Heart Signal,” Favorite looks very sweet and cute while having this performance.

Likewise with Favorite’s Gaeul who looks beautiful in a blue outfit as if exuding her fresh and teenager image while performing in this event. What made this performance a little bit different is Favorite’s Gaeul is also seen smiling brightly through the performance and also looking cute with reddish brown hair and bangs.

On October 26, 2018, Favorite attended One Asia Showcase as a guest star, and through this performance, we can see Favorite’s Gaeul show off her dancing skills as she danced along to Kehlani’s “Gangsta.” Through this performance, we can see how talented Favorite’s Gaeul is while performing freestyle dance moves in front of the public. Her choreography looks very sharp and also sexy at the same time, making body waves through the songs, and it was a very good performance by her!

On May 5, 2018, Favorite attended Uiwang Railway Festival and held a performance while bringing one of their singles, “Party Time,” to this event. Unlike the current Favorite’s concept, the early debut of Favorite brings a cute and sweet concept just like in this performance. You can see Favorite’s Gaeul who is still having reddish brown long hair look very cheerful when performing in this event. Although the choreography seems cute and does a lot of aegyo moves, Favorite’s Gaeul is also doing strong moves and is energetic.

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Favorite’s Gaeul’s Appearance in Mnet’s Produce 101

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Mnet’s Produce 101 is a survival show that features trainees from many agencies from South Korea in a temporary girl group, I.O.I. If we take moments back a little longer, Favorite’s Gaeul has also been one of the contestants in this survival show. But, unfortunately, she got eliminated in the second elimination round and couldn’t continue her journey in the next episode.

However, let’s find out more information about Favorite’s Gaeul’s appearance in Mnet’s Produce 101: Season 1 in this article below!

On February 12, 2016, Park Ga-eul who appeared as one of the contestants in Mnet’s Produce 101: Season 1 held a performance with her team and brought “Fire” as their team’s performance that was aired in Episode 4.

At that time, she was still a trainee and did a great performance in this team and showed off her talent while singing live and dancing with strong moves. Although at a glance we can see that Park Ga-eul is one of the contestants with a petite body, she skirts the stage with 2NE1‘s “Fire” performance in this episode!

In another episode, Park Ga-eul is back with a different team and did a performance while bringing EXO‘s “Growl.” In this performance, she shows another amazing performance while wearing a school uniform in black and white which made her appearance look boyish. Her makeup looks natural and made her visual shine in this performance.

Park Ga-eul can also be said to have very good dance skills if you watch this episode. EXO is a boy group with amazing dance moves, too. It must be cool that every girl contestant in this team made such a great performance, too.

On January 22, 2016, Park Ga-eul appeared on Hidden Box that was made for every contestant as a mini-game before they started promoting themselves in this episode. Park Ga-eul, the trainee under Astory Entertainment, looks very funny while seeing her reaction that was shocked, and she also dared to hold one of the objects in the box without knowing what it is. But, she managed to guess the thing that was a living octopus and moved in there without hesitating to touch it again and again!

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Favorite’s Gaeul’s Latest News

favorite gaeul profile

Until this article was published, there is no latest news about Favorite or any other promotion in the near future. The last single released by Favorite in 2020 is “LIE” (Hangul: 또 LIE), and there is no promotion to release a new single again this year.

Meanwhile, Favorite’s Gaeul still carries out her activities on a daily basis and also actively uploads photos on Instagram or content on YouTube such as daily vlogs or pictures that she has taken while having free time. Don’t forget to follow Favorite’s Gaeul’s social media so you can get to know more about her latest news, activities, and any other promotions in the future!

Well, that was all of the information about Favorite’s Gaeul that you should know! Favorite is still an active girl group releasing singles since their debut in 2017, and let’s wait patiently until their promotion in the future. Also, don’t forget to give Favorite’s Gaeul support and love as much as possible and hope they can make a comeback soon!

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