Wanna Look Fashionable Like Got7’s Yugyeom? Check Out His Best Style Choices, Here!



The Got7 Maknae Got Himself Updated with the Latest Fashion Mode

Kim Yu-Gyeom, famously known as Yugyeom from Got7, is the main dancer and lead vocal for Got7. The talented maknae (youngest person in the group) has dived into a fashionable life. Along with his talents as the member of Got7, he is also the tallest member at a height of 6’0″ (182 cm) tall. Let’s look at his best style choices.

Take a Look at Got7’s Yugyeom’s Best Style Choices

Yugyeom has long legs and he often tucks in his shirt, which makes his long legs more prominent. He really does know how to dress himself as an idol. As the main dancer, he will be the center of attention most of the time he performs. so it is a must for him to maintain his style.

Airport Fashion

yg air

From his styles at the airport, we can see that he always dresses comfortably, but that does not mean he doesn’t care. In these three pictures he looks both cute and manly in his own choices.

Casual Style


Yugyeom often wears black jeans with shirt or jacket. If you’ll notice, he likes to wear clothes with wide collars or no collar at all. Even for a collared shirt he will pick the one with a wide neck or he will open the first and second button.

Apparently he also loves to modify his own clothes. In the third picture, you can see that the t-shirt sleeves and collar have been cut, possibly by himself.


Boyfriend Look


Now, imagine he’s your boyfriend and you went on a picnic in the park near your home, wearing comfortable clothes and chatting with him while enjoying the view. Then, he shot you this look and you decided to take his picture. Isn’t he cute?

yg boy1

When you got back to the apartment, you got separated in the crowded lift and he looks at you as a warning to wait for him, that he will be with you as soon as possible.


When he performs, he will do his best to impress you. You will always be given a seat at the front so you could see him clearly and he can watch over you while showing off his moves. Yugyeom really does his best while performing, and a man who works hard is sexy enough without even trying.

Red Carpet


In terms of red carpet style, Yugyeom always looks like a rich, stylish CEO. He loves to use crescent earrings, whether on stage or attending a music awards event. When he poses for a picture he nails the proud man look. From this angle we can also see the shape of his eyes. His eyes may look small, but it enhances his haughty vibe.


Diet Tips


Got7’s other members are often concerned with Yugyeom diet habits. While the others eat, he is not tempted to eat with his brothers. Even if the members try to get him to eat, he will reject them. Yugyeom has been labeled as a ‘robot’ by his band-mates. He is always early when it come to dance practice. In some interviews, Yugyeom has shared his diet tips. He said to eat less carbohydrates and try to eat salad and meat.



This is the closest we get to seeing his body, it seems like he is still shy and does not want to show off his abs yet. While other members proudly take off their shirts, he only dares to show his chest. Let’s hope someday this maknae evolves into the man he is and proudly shows off his body.

Yugyeom went from a shy maknae to the one who loves to tease his sunbaenim. As he got closer to the other members, he started to tease them a lot. He sometimes fought with Bambam, another member, because they jealous of each other personas, but it is a fact that he’s loved the other members since before debuting as part of the group. He prayed for them all to debut at the same time as himself and his prayer came true.