Everything You Need To Know About Fansign Events in Korea Entertainment Industry

Fansign Events for International Fans

Stray Kids fansign

The most important thing for international fans to want to join a fansign event is being in South Korea around the time of the fansign event, as fansign events mostly take place in that country. For the first-come-first-served type, you could just show up early at the designated place and buy the CDs. As for the lottery-based, if you haven’t arrived in South Korea to buy the CDs during the purchase period and you happened to know someone who’s in the country already, then she/he can buy the CDs for you and input your details on the entry coupon given by the store. Just make sure that it will match the details on your passport.

As for the language barrier during the fansign, if they can speak in English then you can just speak to them in English. If you can speak in Korean then you can talk to them is Korean. They actually appreciate it when foreign fans try talk to them in the Korean language.


Fansign Experience

International fans

Some international fans shared their experience attending fansign events in South Korea. They shared information from the fansign announcement, came early for the first-come-first-served type, took pictures with their favorite idols, and gave them gifts. As for the lottery-based events, they shared information about the form after purchasing CDs at the designated store, and photos of the pages where the idols were signed at. Those fans proved that international fans can participate in fansigning events.

Goodies You Will Get from The Event

BTS Signs

At the event, you will have a minute or two of interactions with each member. Each member will only sign one page of your album, so be careful when you pick which page you want them to sign. Many fans write letters to their idols, while others bring them gifts. Some idols don’t keep fan gifts (TWICE, for example), but most will at least play with them and wear hats/headbands for photos. Depending on the artist, sometimes they also let you stick post-its with questions in them and artists will answer them during the fansign. Make sure to read the rules carefully before attending the real event.

Here are some signed album pages from the fansign events:

Hotshot signs
CLC signs
VIXX signs

Random Facts

During the 2015 Seventeen fansign, a fan girl was at a Seventeen fansign and she was yelling at a member, Joshua, for an unknown reason. Several members of the group saw the bad scene with the fan throwing a piece of paper, but they couldn’t do anything. They looked flustered for a moment.

AOA Mina fansign

During a fansign event, photos of Mina appearing to be scolded by a fan began circulating online. According to an anonymous fan, a man who was there at the time told  Mina, “A singer should be good at singing. Practice singing in the time you take care of your looks.” She looked rather abashed at his criticisms, and her face just darkened.

History fansign

History always provides chairs not only for themselves, but also the fans. They’re the only group we’ve seen do this yet. A lot of devoted fans cherished this moment as a precious memory.

Taeyeon fansign

In Taeyeon’s first album fansign event, the soloist went to the back of the hall and knelt down to sign for a fan sitting in a wheelchair bike, then hugged her.

Event Highlights

At one fansigning event, V noticed that a fan girl had lipstick on her teeth. It was very nice of V to tell her that something was stuck on her teeth, and even blocked her mouth so no one could see. That’s so sweet of him.

BTS post it

BTS’ members answered questions that fans wrote on sticky notes. The left side had question for RM, “Which member does Namjoon thinks is the most improved?”. He checked Jimin’s name. Meanwhile, the right side was question for Suga, “When Suga oppa is having a hard time. Most inspiring words?”, Suga’s answer was “I’m the best”.

When Nam Tae-hyun was a member of Winner, he gave good fan service for his fans. He allowed his fans to stroke a part of his eyebrows and hair. It was very generous and caused the fan’s facial expression to lighten.

Changsub fansign

BTOB’s Changsub cosplayed as Amber Fairy, the naughty creature from a fairy tale. It was part of the fansigning event he had planned. The hob-like idol star brought a smile to everyone there.

Red Velvet’s Yeri held onto a fan girl’s skirts that were being blown up by wind. Perhaps, it might be the greatest thing that ever happened in the fan girl’s life.

Shinee Taemin fansign

Some special gifts, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and congratulatory headdresses are given to the idol stars by fans all the time. SHINee’s Taemin looks cute in his headdresses, and seems to enjoy the situation.

That was all for the information about fansign events in the Korean entertainment industry. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!