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Fanatics’ Debut Era

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On the afternoon of August 6, 2019, Fanatics held a showcase to commemorate the release of Fanatics’ first mini-album THE SIX at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Fanatics was a 6-member girl group consisting of Doah, Yoonhye, Chiayi, Chaerin, Sila, and Doi. In November 2018, they made their first public debut with the first unit, Flavour.

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It was 9 months since the 6-member group debuted. Among them, one of the members, Doah, received attention early through Mnet’s Produce 48 and web dramas. Another member of Produce 48 also added as a member is Chaerin.

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The group name, Fanatics, was born from the word FANATIC which means a person who is very passionate about something. The album name THE SIX contains the meaning of giving first greetings as a six-member group.

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The title song “SUNDAY” is a tropical sounding song filled with a cool atmosphere with a cute theme that I wish every day was a Sunday. Doi said, “I thought a lot about what kind of charm each would show and how to create synergy. I paid a lot of attention to performance and energy delivery. Please listen to ‘SUNDAY’ and receive bright energy and energy.”

Fanatics’ Debut Song’s Music Video

“SUNDAY” is an EDM house pop song performed with the members’ sweet vocals. The song’s choreography was choreographed by Bae Yoon-jung’s dance crew called Yama & Hot Chicks, while the music video was directed by Hong Won-ki from production house ZanyBros.

Fanatics’ Debut Stage

Fanatics’ debut was certainly given the opportunity to attend several music shows to promote their debut single. In the video above, we can see Fanatics attending Mnet’s M Countdown which was broadcast on August 22, 2019. The members look very beautiful with the outfits that the stylists prepared, and all of them look energetic while performing “SUNDAY” on the stage.

Chronology During Fanatics’ V-Live Scandal

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Girl group Fanatics became a hot topic of conversation following their recent V Live broadcast. A male staff member was heard making inappropriate comments leading to sexual harassment, and there were even allegations of violence as well. In one of the V Live broadcasts, the members were seen wearing shorts or short skirts. Someone off-camera gave them a jacket and blanket to cover their feet.

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But, then a male staff member can be heard off-camera saying, “The point is to show their legs, so why are you covering them?” This was followed by a slap-like sound. Many suspect the male staff slapped one of the members off-camera. The FANATICS member seen on the screen finally took off her jacket.

The news circulating said that the problematic male staff was their own CEO. Currently, many netizens in the online community are speculating that the CEO of the agency Fanatics is the son of a conglomerate of one of the top mega marts in South Korea. However, this news has not been confirmed and is still a rumor.

Conclusion & Investigation After the Incident

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FENT Entertainment released an official apology regarding inappropriate comments made by its staff when the girl group Fanatics was broadcasting live some time ago.

The agency released this apology on September 17, 2020, a few days after the incident. They released this statement after there was a lot of news about Fanatics being victims of verbal sexual harassment by their own staff.

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“As an agency, we are aware of the serious mistake of a staff member making inappropriate comments during the Fanatics live broadcast on September 7th. We are truly sorry for hurting the members and fans of Fanatics,” FENT Entertainment wrote, as reported by Sports Chosun via Naver. “We are aware that the staff’s comments were wrong and without further reason, the person is fully responsible for his behavior. We will be more careful so that this problem does not recur.”

This problem became a concern when September 16, 2020, night, many netizens uploaded a video clip of the FANATICS live broadcast on September 7 to social media. At that time, four FANATICS members, namely Via, Chaelin, Doi, and Rayon, were greeting fans. They held a special raffle for fans who could win a painting by Doi. During the live broadcast, the four members sat wearing short skirts without being covered by blankets or jackets. Female idols generally always cover their feet with a blanket, jacket, or any kind of cloth when sitting to avoid unwanted things.

In the 11th minute of the video, a staff member gives Via a purple sweater to cover her legs and Chaelin’s legs. A few minutes later, the staff returned to give a black jacket to cover Doi and Rayon’s legs. However, when the four members’ legs were covered with jackets, a male voice was clearly heard and made inappropriate comments. “What are you doing? Covering her feet? We’re trying to show her, why are you covering it up? Are you stupid?” the unknown man said.

Hearing that comment, the Fanatics members were silent and Doi immediately lifted and returned the black jacket that covered her legs. After that, they resumed the live broadcast.

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After the controversy caused by their company, there were several netizens who commented and gave their responses about the harassment that occurred to Fanatics’ members during the live, such as:

[+454, -5]

It’s not that they view their company’s artists like objects, this is even worse since they are sexually exploiting them? They remind me of some thug gang entertainments from the 90’s

[+381, -2]

I don’t think that they should stay in that company..

[+328, -1]

Who would want to give money to a company who’s being operated by someone like that?

[+207, 0]

At first, the camera was a bit up so that you couldn’t see from the bottom. But the camera went down so that you can see the legs. The members didn’t know what to do with their legs and were so uncomfortable. Another member said to get a jacket to cover their legs and they gave them a jacket. And then the man said “you were supposed to show them, are you dumb?” and then it was followed by a slapping sound. The members were then looking at the scene and removed the jacket. And it was followed by another slapping sound. The CEO there is an ex-convict.. Their song is also terrible but the members make me so sadㅠㅠ. Everyone is so pretty…seriously…

[+79, -144]

This is just some noise marketing. Has anyone heard of Fanatics before this? Think rationally. Who would act like this in front of a camera?ㅋㅋ Their marketing is so dirty

Source: enter-talk Pann Choa

Fanatics’ Latest News

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There is no further news about Fanatics’ latest news or any comeback schedule in the near future. If you look at Fanatics’ official Instagram account, there are several members who are confirmed to be following one of the survival shows that aired on Mnet, which is GIRLS PLANET 999. Fanatics’ members who participated in the survival show were Chiayi, Rayon, and Doah. For the time being, the other members have no further activities or plans for a comeback in 2021.

Well, that is all for the information about Fanatics until their latest news. We must know that K-pop groups should be given proper treatment and should also be appreciated for their hard work. Fanatics should deserve better than whatever happened behind the reasons for the controversy during their live and harassment from their company. Let’s give a lot of support and love to Fanatics so they can stay cheerful and have a brighter career in the future!

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