Fanatics’ Doi’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, Personality, and Recent Activities

Fanatics’ Doi’s Covers

Fanatics’ Doi is famous for her talent in musical instruments and often appears in content while showcasing her talent. The agency also provides an opportunity for each member to shine and be present in content. In this session, we will see some of Fanatics’ Doi’s covers that were shared on the group’s YouTube channel!

On April 5, 2019, Fanatics’ Doi and Sika appeared in a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” With a retro concept, the two members look very playful in the content shared on the FANATICS’ OFFICIAL YouTube channel. Fanatics’ Doi played the piano skillfully while following the rhythm of Fanatics’ Sika who sang with her sweet voice.

In July 2020, Fanatics’ Doi showed her skills in playing the electric guitar. Not many think that female K-pop idols have musical talent like Fanatics’ Doi. she seems very good at strumming the guitar strings and also looks relaxed while playing the guitar because she is already a pro!

In June 2021, Fanatics’ Doi uploaded content on the YouTube channel displaying her skills in playing the guitar by performing “Starry Night.” Unlike usual, Fanatics’ Doi even looks like she’s in a music video for this cover because the scenery is really good.

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Fanatics’ Doi’s Focus Fancams

Focus fancams are usually recorded by fans and uploaded to online websites such as YouTube. In a focus fancam, everyone can see video footage showing certain K-pop idols performing at some events such as buskings, concerts, fan signings, etc.

Let’s see some of Fanatics’ Doi’s focus fancams so you can see her charm while performing on stage!

On May 8, 2020, Fanatics’ Doi attended one of their comebacks on Music Bank and performed “V.A.V.I Girl” with the other members. In the performance, each member wore pink and white themed outfits. Fanatics’ Doi wore a white outfit with a tennis skirt and a blazer. She looked energetic and playful while performing with the other members on this comeback stage.

On August 13, 2019, there was a focus fancam recording of Fanatics’ Doi who was present with the other members on Fact iN Star. Although we didn’t record the chats of the Fanatics members who were present at the event, we can see how happy and cheerful Fanatics’ Doi was when she was with the other members and showing her hidden talents while playing the pianica.

on September 6, 2019, Fanatics’ Doi had photo time at the rehearsal for Music Bank held at the public hall of the new KBS building in Yeouido, Seoul. In the focus fancam, every Fanatics member who attended greeted the reporters. They all look beautiful, especially Fanatics’ Doi who appeared in the focus of this fancam holding a paper with words to support the group while she is smiling at the camera.

On August 13, 2019, Fanatics’ Doi attended a photo event located at S-Plex Center in Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul. As the visual of the group, Fanatics’ Doi smiled brightly while changing poses to be caught by the reporters. In this focus fancam, we can see Fanatics’ Doi looking very beautiful with her natural beauty while posing for the camera.

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Fanatics’ Doi’s Latest News

fanatics doi profile

FENT Entertainment released an official apology regarding inappropriate comments made by its staff when the girl group Fanatics was broadcasting live some time ago. The agency released an apology statement on September 17, 2019, a few days after the incident. They released this statement after reports of Fanatics members being victims of verbal sexual harassment by their agency’s staff started circulating.

“As an agency, we are aware of the serious error of a staff member making inappropriate comments during the Fanatics live broadcast on September 17, 2019. We are truly sorry for hurting Fanatics members and fans. We are aware that the staff’s comments were wrong and without further reason, the person is fully responsible for her behavior. We will be more careful so that this problem does not recur,” FENT Entertainment wrote, as reported by Sports Chosun via Naver.

This issue became a concern on the night of September 16, 2019, when many netizens uploaded a video clip of Fanatics’ live broadcast from September 7, 2019, to social media.

fanatics doi profile

At the time, four Fanatics members, namely Via, Chaelin, Doi, and Rayon, were greeting fans. They held a special raffle to give fans a chance to win a painting by Doi. During the live broadcast, the four members sat wearing short skirts without being covered by blankets or jackets.

Female idols generally always cover their feet with a blanket, jacket, or any kind of cloth when sitting to avoid unwanted showings. At the 11th minute of the video, a staff member gives Via a purple sweater to cover her legs and Chaelin’s legs. A few minutes later, the staff returned to give a black jacket to cover Doi and Rayon’s legs.

fanatics doi profile

However, when the four members’ legs were covered with jackets, a male voice is clearly heard making the inappropriate comment, “What are you doing? Covering her feet? We’re trying to show her, why are you covering it up? Are you stupid?”

Hearing that comment, the Fanatics members were silent and Doi immediately lifted and returned the black jacket that covered her legs. After that, they resumed the live broadcast.

fanatics doi profile

This, of course, invited a lot of anger and comments from people that were uncomfortable with the treatment by the male staff towards members of Fanatics. It’s as if the members have to reveal their bodies in order to attract attention from the public. This is very inappropriate to do, especially for a young woman who works in the entertainment industry but is treated unfairly like in the controversy that occurred when Fanatics broadcasted their V-Live.

Currently, Fanatics is taking a break and providing an opportunity for some of its members, such as Chiayi, Rayeon, and Doah, to participate in Mnet’s Girls Planet 999. Meanwhile, the other members, such as Doi, Sika, Yoonhye, Chaelin, and Via, still haven’t received any news about promoting in the near future. Let’s wait for further news until there is a promotion or comeback by Fanatics!

Well, that is all of the information about Fanatics’ Doi including her full profile, fun facts, visuals, focus fancams, covers, and latest news. Let’s give support to Fanatics and also to Doi so they can get more recognition in the future and a brighter career! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!