Fanatics’ Doi’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, Personality, and Recent Activities

fanatics doi profile

Learn More About Fanatics’ Visual, Kim Do-yee a.k.a Doi!

Fanatics (Hangul: 파나틱스) is a girl group under Color Star Technology that made its official debut on August 6, 2019, with the mini album titled The Six. Fanatics has eight members including Doi, Sika, Doah, Chiayi, Yoonhye, Chaelin, Rayeon, and Via. They are members who debuted at a fairly young age and together form a talented rookie girl group.

We will discuss one of the members of Fanatics, Doi, whose real name is Kim Do-yee. She is the oldest member of Fanatics but also has many skills, one of which is playing the guitar and piano. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more information about Fanatics’ Doi in the article below!

Fanatics’ Doi’s Full Profile

fanatics doi profile

Real Name: Kim Min-joo (Hangul: 김민주), later legalized to Kim Do-yee (Hangul: 김도이)

Stage Name: Doi (Hangul: 도이)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, April 12, 1994

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 170 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual


Family Members: Parents and a Younger Brother

Fanatics’ Doi’s Fun Facts

fanatics doi profile
  1. Fanatics’ Doi’s representative day is Thursday
  2. Fanatics’ Doi’s hobbies are meditation, drawing, and watching people
  3. Fanatics’ Doi’s specialties are playing the piano and guitar
  4. Fanatics’ Doi became a trainee during her high school days
  5. Fanatics’ Doi has a meticulous and tsundere personality
  6. Fanatics’ Doi is a good cook
  7. Fanatics’ Doi always talks with a soft and relaxing voice, and that’s the reason why she considers herself a relaxing member
  8. Fanatics’ Doi loves samgyeopsal and soup
  9. Fanatics’ Doi is a good actor because she majored in it at university
  10. Fanatics’ Doi and EXO’s Sehun were born on the same day
  11. Fanatics’ Doi and Fanatics’ Sika are mothers of the group
  12. Fanatics’ Doi shares a room in the dorm with Fanatics’ Chaelin, Yoonhye, and Doah
  13. Fanatics’ Doi was announced as a member of the group on April 5, 2019
  14. Fanatics’ Doi appeared in the SPAO Winter Catalog Pictorial in September 2018
  15. Fanatics’ Doi was in charge of the rap part in “VAVI GIRL”
  16. Fanatics’ Doi performed stably without shaking during her part even with intense choreography
  17. Fanatics’ Doi has outstanding performances while playing the guitar and piano and appeared in cover videos alongside other members
  18. Fanatics’ Doi’s parents bought 100 copies of Fanatics’ debut album THE SIX and also purchased 140 copies as a pre-order of the second mini-album PLUS TWO
  19. Fanatics’ Doi started her life as a trainee when she was in high school and trained for a long time
  20. Fanatics’ Doi majored in acting in college, her drawing skills are top-notch, and she also can play the piano and guitar skillfully
  21. Fanatics’ Doi choose Hyukoh and Black Skirt as her favorite singers, and she can sing every song on their albums
  22. Fanatics’ Doi is the second tallest member after Fanatics’ Yoonhye

Fanatics’ Doi’s Visual

fanatics doi profile

The visuals of K-pop girl groups are amazing enough to make many people praise their ethereal beauty. Many have natural beauty according to the criteria of their respective agencies, but every female idol is given a chance to take care of their visuals to still look beautiful during performances every time they appear in front of the public.

Let’s get to know more about Fanatics’ Doi by seeing her visuals closer in the session below!

Fanatics’ Doi has very good body proportions with an ideal weight for her. Even though she looks thin, she still appears on stage with a shining aura. She looked pretty in a tartan dress outfit with balloon accents on her shoulders which also created a bulging effect and gave a little volume to her slim body.

fanatics doi profile

One of the members who was born in 1994 has big eyes, and she is also the charming lead vocalist and visual of the group. This means that Fanatics’ Doi has a beauty that has become the standard of Fanatics and is in charge of being the member with a stand-out appearance. Her beauty is already the same as Korean beauty standards because she has pretty big eyes and a high nose.

fanatics doi profile

Besides that, she also has some expressions that sometimes change her appearance to look like a different person. Her charm when she smiles like this energizes everyone who sees her smile, right? Fanatics’ Doi who is also in charge of being the most relaxed member turns out to have so many charms and looks even more beautiful while smiling.

fanatics doi profile

Fanatics’ Doi also seemed to fit very well with any concept that was given when the group was promoting. She looks very cute with her heart-patterned outfit and her long hair in two ponytails, which is what makes Fanatics’ Doi’s appearance look younger and cuter while performing.

fanatics doi profile

If we look at the selca above, do you see a few similarities between Fanatics’ Doi and other K-pop female idols? Surely, some of you at first glance thought Fanatics’ Doi’s appearance looks like ITZY’s Yuna, right? At first glance, this Fanatics member actually has a visual resemblance to ITZY’s Yuna through her eyes and charming smile.

What do you think about Fanatics’ Doi’s visuals?