Fanatics’ Chiayi: Profile, Facts, ‘Girls Planet 999’

Fanatics' Chiayi

Everything You Should Know About Fanatics’ Visual Li Chia-yi!

Fanatics (Hangul: 파나틱스) is a South Korean girl group that debuted under FENT in 2018 and consists of 5 original members with Chaerin, Chiayi, Doah, Doi, Sika, and Yoonhye. Fanatics’ debut single titled “Sunday” was released in 2019 with full members although they had previously released a single titled “Milkshake” with their first sub-unit, Fanatics – Flavor.

In this article, there’s detailed information about one of the members of Fanatics’ who has a position as a visual and also the main dancer of the group. Who is she? Yes, she is Fanatics’ Chiayi who’s one of the foreign members who came from Taiwan. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Fanatics’ Chiayi starting from her full profile, fun facts, discography, to her latest appearance on Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 in this article below!

Fanatics’ Chiayi’s Full Profile

Fanatics' Chiayi

Real Name: Li Chia Yi (李嘉義)

Stage Name : Chiayi (Hangul: 지아이)

Birth: Taiwan, January 22, 2000

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 164 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual

Education: Taiwan Huagang Arts School (Leave of absence)

Official Site: Instagram ( chiayilee_ )

Fanatics’ Chiayi’s Fun Facts

Fanatics' Chiayi
  1. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s representative day is Tuesday
  2. Fanatics’ Chiayi has been dancing since she was young, since 10 or 11 years ago
  3. Fanatics’ Chiayi can do Chinese dance, ballet, and contemporary dance
  4. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s special talents are dancing, splits, waacking, and piano
  5. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s favorite foods are jokbal, ice cream, vegetables, chocolate, sweet potato, carrot cake, and cheese tteokbokki
  6. Fanatics’ Chiayi likes honey butter chips, and they are her and Sika’s favorite chips
  7. Fanatics’ Chiayi likes Ghana hazelnut milk chocolate because it is soft and delicious
  8. Fanatics’ Chiayi wants to see Japan, the US, and Europe in the future
  9. Fanatics’ Chiayi drinks almond milk in her diet
  10. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s hobbies are cooking, exercising, and photography
  11. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s favorite colors are pink and purple
  12. Fanatics’ Chiayi and Sika are roommates
  13. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s MBTI is ISFJ
  14. Fanatics’ Chiayi did the tumbling for “VAVI Girl” choreography
  15. Fanatics’ Chiayi mentioned that she was SONE and became interested in K-pop after listening to Girls’ Generation’s songs
  16. Fanatics’ Chiayi stands in the center during choreography sections or dance breaks
  17. Fanatics’ Chiayi is one of the members who did a lot of live streaming on Fanatic’s YouTube channel in Korean without any problems
  18. Fanatics’ Chiayi filmed a lot of freestyle choreography and cover dances
  19. Fanatics’ Chiayi appeared on MBC every1’s South Korean Foreigner
  20. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s motto is, “Don’t give up”

Fanatics’ Chiayi on Girls Planet 999

Fanatics' Chiayi

Mnet’s Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga is a survival show that was aired from August 6 to October 2021. This survival show received a lot of enthusiasm and participation, both from contestants and viewers. Several K-pop idols who were on hiatus also participated as contestants in this survival show, such as CLC’s Yujin who became a hot topic and competed with several trainees from Japan and China.

Fanatics' Chiayi

Likewise with Fanatics’ members who participated in Mnet’s Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga with 3 members who were appointed as contestants in this survival show, which were Rayon, Chiayi, and Doa. Fanatics’ Chiayi ranked 12th on September 2021 and was included in a C-Group with several trainees and idols from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

To know the journey of Fanatics’ Chiayi on Mnet’s Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga, let’s watch some clips in this session below!

Fanatics’ Chiayi was seen on a focus fancam while performing during the Combination Mission that was aired on September 2021. Fanatics’ Chiayi’s team was really powerful, and they performed a single popularized by Little Mix titled “Salute.” In this performance, all the members wore formal outfits and looked very powerful with the choreography they presented on stage.

In another performance, C-Group which included Fanatics’ Chiayi on their team did a performance of CLC’s “Helicopter” with a strong concept, and they put on their best performance until the judges were amazed by those who were on stage. Likewise with CLC’s Yujin who appeared on the show looking very impressed while seeing C-Group perform Helicopter.

On September 9, 2021, Fanatics’ Chiayi performed TWICE’s “Yes or Yes” that was aired on M Countdown. The team managed to amaze many fans who saw this performance and again put on their best performance when they performed this song.

Unlike the previous clip, this clip shows Fanatics’ Chiayi with her team introducing and performing a little choreography from Orange Caramels’ “Catalena” in this video.


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