Full Profile Of Fanatics’ Chaelin: Facts, Visual, Appearance In Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’

fanatics chaelin profile

Everything You Should Know About Fanatics’ Main Rapper Lee Chae-lin

Fanatics (Hangul: 파나틱스) is a South Korean girl group that debuted on August 6th, 2019, with their single, “Sunday”. Fanatics has 8 members in the lineup which consists of Doi, Sika, Chaelin, Chiayi, Via, Yoonhye, Rayeon, and Doah.

In this article, there is detailed information about a member of Fanatics who used to be a contestant of Mnet’s Produce 101, which is Lee Chaelin, who also holds the position of Main Rapper in the group.

If you’re curious about Fanatics’ Chaelin, keep scrolling down and check out the details provided in this article below.

Fanatics’ Chaelin’s Full Profile

chaelin fanatics profile

Real Name: Lee Chae-lin (Hangul: 이채린)

Stage Name: Chaelin (Hangul: 채린)

Place and Date of Birth: Japan, October 20th, 1999

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 162 cm (5’3″)

Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Main Rapper, Sub-vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Education: Dongducheon Girls’ Middle School (Graduated)

Fanatics’ Chaelin’s Fun Facts

chaelin fanatics profile
  1. Fanatics’ Chaelin’s representative day is Wednesday
  2. Fanatics’ Chaelin’s Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit
  3. Fanatics’ Chaelin was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 1
  4. Fanatics’ Chaelin was ranked 87th in Episode 5 of Produce 101 and was eliminated
  5. Fanatics’ Chaelin is a former trainee of MIDAS Entertainment and Media Line
  6. Fanatics’ Chaelin was a trainee for a year and six months before going on Produce 101 (3–4 years before debut)
  7. Fanatics’ Chaelin trained with NATURE’s Chaebin in MIDAS Entertainment
  8. Fanatics’ Chaelin dropped out of high school even though she loved being at school and studying
  9. Fanatics’ Chaelin is the loudest member
  10. Fanatics’ Chaelin loves to dance
  11. Fanatics’ Chaelin’s specialties are girls’ hip-hop and rap
  12. Fanatics’ Chaelin’s hobbies are writing rap lyrics
  13. Fanatics’ Chaelin is a roommate with Fanatics’ Doi, Doah, and Yoonhye
  14. Fanatics’ Chaelin joined Fanatics in 2019 to replace the former member, Hyewon
  15. Fanatics’ Chaelin didn’t participate in the promotional activities of the group’s 2nd mini-album PLUSTWO
  16. Fanatics’ Chaelin is the shortest member of the group
  17. Fanatics’ Chaelin used to appear in The East Light’s performance as a backup dancer in Immortal Song when she was a trainee of Media Line Entertainment
  18. Fanatics’ Chaelin was the last member of the group to be revealed
  19. Fanatics’ Chaelin announced that she would take a break for a while on April 13th, 2020
  20. Fanatics’ Chaelin’s motto during Produce 101 was: “I will break my limits and survive!”

Fanatics’ Chaelin’s Visual

chaelin fanatics profile

The South Korean entertainment industry is one of the things that most people are interested in, apart from music that can make the day bright, but also every K-Pop idol who has perfect visuals and always looks effortlessly good in any appearance. In this section, we are going to provide you with details about Fanatics’ Chaelin’s visuals, so make sure you don’t skip this section below.

When it comes to underrated K-Pop idols, you could say that some members of Fanatics are underrated female K-Pop idols because their visuals look very beautiful and can actually increase the number of fans just by looking at their looks.

Take a look and pay attention to the selca taken by Fanatics’ Chaelin above; she looks very beautiful with short silver-gray hair while taking pictures from an angle below her face. She looks beautiful with natural makeup that makes her aura as a star more obvious, right?

chaelin fanatics profile

Not only promoting her iconic silver-gray hair, but she has also been seen with short bob hair in dark brown color. In the photo above, she looks natural and beautiful with her new hair and her face looks very small in this photo, like showing her visual with a small jaw which may be the face shape that many women desire. Not only that, but Fanatics’ Chaelin also looks beautiful with her round eyes and also a high nose just like any other celebrity has.

chaelin fanatics profile

Previously, Fanatics’ Chaelin looked beautiful and elegant in some of the photos taken, but in the selca above, we can see another side of Fanatics’ Chaelin who looks cute wearing a gray hoodie that covers her head, but still leaves her face to be taken as a selca of the day.

Still with natural makeup, she smiles thinly at the camera from an angle to the side and it is funny because Fanatics’ Chaelin isn’t the typical member who would take a selca from this angle.

chaelin fanatics profile

Among the photos usually found of idols is the pose Chaelin is making above of one of the comeback concepts that they have prepared. Fanatics’ Chaelin looks very professional in this photo because she looks like a model.

The makeup she wears is also very suitable with her vibes and seems to bring out her inner self even more as a member of a South Korean girl group. Especially, with her sharp eyes and beautiful eye makeup, she should deserve better because her visuals look perfect.

chaelin fanatics profile

When it comes to selcas, Fanatics’ Chaelin knows the best way of taking the best picture of herself. In the picture above, of course, she looks beautiful wearing a red turtleneck which elevates her selca to another level.

Even though she looks simple, Fanatics’ Chaelin shows her girlfriend charm in this selca; she has put her fingers on her lips making a pose that looks cute. Beside that, her natural makeup is also on point every time she takes a selca. Don’t you think that Fanatics’ Chaelin is somewhat similar to actress Han Seo-hee in this selca?

chaelin fanatics profile

Some of the comeback ideas given to Fanatics actually have a good concept. You can notice how beautiful the members are, including Fanatics’ Chaelin who wore the concept costume during their debut showcase with “Sunday”. Fanatics’ Chaelin looks very beautiful in the costume she is wearing which is the same as her individual teaser picture. She also appears confident and poses by pointing one index finger in front of her lips while smiling. Beside that, her body proportion is also good because she doesn’t look too skinny or too full.

What do you think about Fanatics’ Chaelin’s visual?