Full Profile Of Fanatics’ Sika: Fun Facts, Visual, Personality, Recent Activities

fanatics sika profile

Everything You Should Know About Fanatics’ Main Vocalist Lian Si Jia a.k.a Sika

Fanatics (Hangul: 파나틱스) is a South Korean girl group that officially debuted on August 6th, 2019, and it consists of 8 members, such as Doi, Sika, Chaelin, Chiayi, Via, Yoonhye, Rayeon, and Doah, under FENT. Fanatics are also known for several of their singles, such as “Sunday”, “V.A.V.I Girl”, and “Starry Night”. Even though some time ago Fanatics caused controversy because there were suspicions that the staff of their agency was being harassed during their V-Live, some people actually felt sorry for Fanatics because this girl group deserves better than that.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of Fanatics, which is Lian Si Jia or also known as Fanatics’ Sika, who used to be a former trainee of several big agencies in South Korea. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Fanatics’ Sika’s full profile, fun facts, and get up close and personal with her in this article below!

Fanatics’ Sika’s Full Profile

fanatics sika profile

Real Name: Lian Si Jia (廉斯嘉)

Japanese Name: Ren Shika (れんしか)

Stage Name: Sika (Hangul: 시카)

Place and Date of Birth: Japan, August 22nd, 1995

Star Sign:  Leo

Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)

Height: 168 cm (5’6″)

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Nationality: Chinese-Japanese

Fanatics’ Sika’s Fun Facts

fanatics sika profile
  1. Fanatics’ Sika’s Chinese zodiac sign is Pig
  2. Fanatics’ Sika grew up in Dalian, China
  3. Fanatics’ Sika’s representative day is Friday
  4. Fanatics’ Sika is the most responsible member
  5. Fanatics’ Sika can speak English
  6. Fanatics’ Sika and Fanatics’ Doi are considered to be the mothers of the group
  7. Fanatics’ Sika is a former JYP Entertainment trainee where she trained for three years
  8. Fanatics’ Sika trained closely with TWICE’s Sana, Mina, and Momo
  9. Fanatics’ Sika was the first Japan Team member to leave JYP Entertainment
  10. Fanatics’ Sika’s hobbies are watching movies, doing makeup, and reading books
  11. Fanatics’ Sika has the nickname Human Papago, a translation app in South Korea, because she is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese
  12. Fanatics’ Sika looks like former Saturday member Sunha, according to her fans
  13. Fanatics’ Sika is very close with Fanatics’ Chiayi and they even unintentionally wore the same clothes one day
  14. Fanatics’ Sika’s life motto is: “Everything is Practice.”
  15. Fanatics’ Sika is also a former trainee of YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment; she left the agencies because these companies didn’t provide her with a chance to debut
  16. Fanatics’ Sika likes tteokbokki and chicken among Korean food
  17. Fanatics’ Sika is using herbal medicine that she shared with Fanatics’ Chiayi
  18. Fanatics’ Sika returned to her hometown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn’t returned yet to the group in 2020
  19. Fanatics’ Sika delayed joining the group to promote the Starry Night album that was released in May 2021
  20. Fanatics’ Sika came from the same hometown province as Seventeen’s The8 but he came from Ansan, which is east, in Zhang Yuan

Fanatics’ Sika’s Visual

fanatics sika profile

In this section, we are going to check out Fanatics’ Sika’s visual, so you can take a closer look at her visual and appearance that looks fresh and young.

Fanatics’ Sika is a member who is not Korean, but she has excellent skills and talents to become an idol. Beside that, Fanatics’ Sika also has that visual to debut as an idol. The member who was born in 1995 also looks naturally pretty with her straight and long hair, and also her big eyes that must be one of her charms. Fanatics’ Sika also likes to wear trendy and casual outfits which she rocks on a daily basis.

fanatics sika profile

Being a former trainee of several big agencies in Korea has made Fanatics’ Sika one of the most responsible members which was already mentioned in the section about her fun facts. Fanatics’ Sika definitely has the aura of an idol, but before debuting as a member of a girl group no chances can be taken. Fanatics’ Sika finally debuted in 2019 as a member of the girl group under Color Star Technology. She can also be considered to be one of the prettiest members of the group with her natural beauty like this, right?

fanatics sika profile

After seeing some Fanatics’ Sika’s pictures above, you must have noticed that she has big eyes, right? As you can see from this picture, she definitely has big eyes and a strong look while staring at the camera and posing like this. Without showing a smile she can shine with a simple pose like the one in the picture above and display her charm in this close-up photoshoot session. Beside that, Fanatics’ Sika also has natural makeup that she wears looking naturally beautiful in this picture.

fanatics sika profile

the picture above is one of the Fanatics’ debut individual teaser images where Fanatics’ Sika looks very fashionable in this outfit. She wears a kind of street style outfit and looks trendy as ever, added with a red hat which is an iconic item to wear. Fanatics’ Sika also has a great pose in every picture. She can turn her image to be an innocent yet cool girl in this individual image but still, her aura of being an idol can’t stay hidden anymore. Fanatics’ Sika’s visual is shining so bright in this picture.

fanatics sika profile

The member who’s in charge of being the Main Vocalist of the group, Fanatics’ Sika, is not only having talent in singing. Fanatics’ Sika also has these charms and vibes of becoming the member who has a charm of being the energetic and cool member of the group.

As you can see from the picture above, Fanatics’ Sika looks very pretty on her debut showcase that was held on August 6th, 2019. The member who grew up in Japan really knows how to pose in front of the reporters who captured this moment as individual member photoshoots on the showcase and she already looks very cool in her debut era.

What do you think about Fanatics’ Sika’s visual?