Let’s Meet The Entire Family of Got7 Members!


Meet The Big Family of GOT7

GOT7, one of the JYP Entertainment’s third-generation boy-groups, has spread their wings worldwide. During their debut era in 2014, they were known for their amazing live performances, which showed their ability for martial arts tricking. As they were getting famous day by day, many people became curious to know more about the members’ personal life, including their families.

JB, Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom must be have different family background stories, as they came from different countries. This time, Channel-Korea will tell you further about their families, so stay tuned!

JB’s Family

Im Jae-bum, familiarly called JB, is known to be an only child, which means he has no siblings. As he has no siblings in his life, JB must counts the other members of GOT7 as his brothers! JB also has five cats who accompany him so that he might never feel so alone.


But, JB has a sad story about his parents. JB and Cheetah were once invited to the talk show Hello Counselor, when the client was two sisters. Their mother talked about their drunk father who always fought with their mom and kicked the daughters every time he came home drunk.

Hearing this story, JB felt so sympathized and he revealed that he experienced the same thing as them. JB’s father used to be a drunken man, who always fought with his mother almost every night. The endless arguing and fighting led his parents to divorce, and now he lives with his mom and his step-dad, happily. At one time, he used to hate his father so much, but now he understands that his father just felt lonely.

Jinyoung’s Family

GOT7’s Face of The Group is the maknae in his family, as he has two beautiful older sisters. They are Park Boo-young and Park Soo-young, who have really similar facial features. The Park sisters are quite popular among fans, as the three siblings often hang out together if they can and even support each other on social media.


When Jinyoung become the lead character of the tvN drama He Is Psychometric, his sister, Park Soo-young, gave her cute reaction to his kiss scene with Shin Ye Eun! One fan shared it in Twitter:


His sister gave a cute reaction by saying “Kya…” with the shy monkey emoji! You can check his sister’s personal Instagram account, @chungchohand. She must be shocked that her little brother is already an adult…

Mark’s Family

This American member with Taiwanese blood, has a quite large family. Besides his dad, Raymond Tuan, and his mother, Dorine Tuan, Mark has two older sisters and one younger brother. His family is also quite popular because they are active on social media. His entire family is really supportive to him, as they come to GOT7’s concerts to support the beloved third kid!


Mark’s first older sister is Tammy Tuan. Tammy is 14 years older than Mark, and she lives happily with her husband and two lovely daughters, which makes Mark’s first nieces. Tammy is a regular housewife and not into the entertainment industry.

The second older sister is Grace Tuan, who 10 years older than Mark. Unlike Tammy, Grace is active on Instagram by showing her outstanding photography skills with shots of skylines and architecture. You can check out her amazing artwork in @ggarzatuan_pics.


The last child, and Mark’s little brother is Joey Tuan. Joey is quite popular among Mark’s siblings, as he gets along really well with Got7’s members, especially Yugyeom, and they are known to hang out together. Joey also has a nice voice that you could see in Jessica Koh’s “Thinking Out Loud” cover video on YouTube: