Interesting Facts About The Leader of 2NE1 : CL

Lee Chaerin (CL)

Interesting Facts About the 2NE1 Leader~ CL

Welcome back all BLACKJACKs for seniors and new BLACKJACKs who must be looking for something to read, especially news from 2NE1! As we know, 2NE1 was disbanded because all personnel had other priorities and schedules, including the big leader and main rapper in 2NE1. She is a powerful girl and has a strong character too, she is Lee Chaerin a.k.a CL. 

Some fans feel curious about CL’s hobbies. Wanna know? let’s check this article.

CL is A Smart Leader and Person

Lee Chaerin (CL)
  • Everybody knows a lead position is the hardest job in a girlband or boyband team. But, 2NE1 felt lucky because they have a smart leader like CL.
  • Since she was a kid, CL always traveled to many countries because of her father’s job. CL’s Father is a Professor in Physics.
  • Her father is also an author of a storybook for children.
  • CL can speak fluently in many languages, including French, English, Korean and Japanese.
  • CL recorded the demo ‘Let’s Go Party’ in full English and as a solo

CL’s Eye Catching Style

Lee Chaerin (CL)
  • When CL hit Hollywood life, she had one best friend who was a designer, Jeremy Scott.
  • CL’s style is very unique. We all adore her fashion, although sometimes people don’t understand what CL style is.
  • Her taste in fashion can’t be doubted or compared to other people. We can see this in her make-up and looks as well.
  • Her favorite colors in clothes are white and black.

CL’s Close Friends

Lee Chaerin (CL)
  • In Korea, CL has some unique looks and fashion. She always has a style like a rapper with an edgy look. CL is also an extroverted person, so we can believe that she has many  friends.
  • CL used to be a JYP trainee and she was already in one of the dorms with Wonder Girls’ So Hee. She was said to be very close to both Ye Eun and So Hee.
  • CL said that when she was in junior high school, she enrolled in a dance school with Zinger (Secret), HyunA (4Minute), Seungyeon (Kara) & Sunye (Wonder Girls) too.
  • In YG, all fans know that CL very close with Gdragon, many fans ship them like a couple and call them Skydragon.
  • CL has gone through a long process and has finally come to YG. She became a YG Trainee in 2006. After one month later, CL made her official stage debut at SBS Music Awards alongside her fellow artists of YG Entertainment.
  • All fans from YG were a little bit shocked with the new talent from CL. Some people became fans and others became critics. Her first credited appearance in a song was in 2008, with Uhm Jung Hwa’s “DJ” as a rapper and a singer.
  • When she was in a radio interview, CL told about a time when she was wearing a uniform that was actually meant for boys! This was because CL felt uncomfortable wearing a skirt in school. Okay, you can go girl!
  • And last but not least, CL refused YG’s request for plastic surgery, saying she loves CL but still wants to be Chaerin and she feels proud of the way she looks.