Facts and Scandals During Bigbang Member’s Military Services

G-Dragon’s Military Service


BigBang’s face of the group, G-Dragon, started his solo tour G-Dragon 2017 Concert: Act III, M.O.T.T.E on June 10th 2017 at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium. There he revealed that he will be enlisting next year and this tour will be his last tour. For G-Dragon the problem is not the two-years of military service, but the outcome. All BigBang members will come back more mature than before leaving for the army.

Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri’s Military Service Plan


Japanese media outlets reported on September 21st that the rest of BigBang’s members (including G-Dragon) are planning to enlist by next year, specifically in spring. Those media outlets also stated that although Daesung and Seungri can delay their enlistment time, they have decided that they will enlist together with the other two members. According to this news, the media speculated BigBang may be come back as a full team in 2020.

Despite T.O.P’s scandal that made fans worry, the rest of BigBang’s members have assured all VIPs that they will come back as a full team and become more mature. The only things that VIPs need to do are to wait for their comeback, trust them, and always support BigBang members until they come back in full.