Profile and Facts of Ha Ji-won’s Brother, Jun Tae-soo (Movies, TV Shows. and Death)

Jun Tae-soo and His Older Sister Han Ji-won

jun tae soo and ha ji won

Ha Ji-won and Jun Tae-soo were really close siblings. She always took care of him and supported him in terms of acting. After Jun Tae-soo decided to pursue acting, she advised him to join the military first because it might cause problems later on.

During an interview, she said that she tried to convince Tae-soo out of acting and was hoping the military service would have done that. But, when her brother still wanted to pursue acting, she helped him by practicing lines together and even secured an audition for him.

In an interview, Jun Tae-soo referred to Han Ji-won as a normal older sister: “Ha Ji-won as an older sister is definitely just an older sister (laugh). But our daily conversations revolve around work after I started working. She monitors what I do and gives me advice on what to and what not to do.”

After he appeared in the hit drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he could finally stand up and proudly announce that he was indeed Ha Ji-won’s younger brother. But, the drunken accident in 2011 affected him greatly and he quit dramas, and that was when he began struggling with his slump and depression.

Even after the accident, Ha Ji-won continued to support him and mentioned him in many interviews. She talked about the pressures celebrities go through, and she had been trying to stop him from going through the same things because she knew that success is the only way out.

In an interview with MyDaily in 2011, she stated, “I think he needs some time to feel things as a human being and not as an actor. Truthfully, I haven’t said anything yet to Tae-soo. You may think I’m a cold sister, however, there are some difficulties because besides being my brother, he’s also a junior when it comes to acting.”

It was clear that she cared about him deeply and that they were really close. She was also one of the chief mourners at his funeral.

Jun Tae-soo’s Sudden Death

On January 21, 2018, Jun Tae-soo was found dead in his apartment after a long battle with depression. On January 22, his agency made the following statement:

“I am sorry to bring heavy news to everyone. On January 21, actor Jun Tae-soo, aged 34, has passed away. He was constantly being treated for depression, and even until recently, we were discussing his return as an actor as his condition was starting to improve. With the sudden sad news, his family and acquaintances are all mourning the death of Jun Tae-soo”


The statement continued, “Jun Tae-soo, who had a passion for acting, was a pure artist who was deeply involved in various fields of art. We sincerely ask everyone to refrain from leaving malicious comments and/or writing speculative articles. The funeral will be held quietly with the family members and acquaintances. In order to commemorate the deceased’s last road, we ask everyone to refrain from covering the funeral hall. We are full of sorrow and sorry to deliver such sad news. Once again, we would like to express our condolences.”

His trouble began in 2011 when he was charged for assaulting a taxi driver and policemen under the influence of alcohol. Because of that, he had to withdraw from the MBC sitcom All My Love for You. In several interviews, he expressed his desire to be recognized as an actor instead of continually being identified as the brother of a popular Korean actress. However, he was on a hiatus until 2013 and had been battling depression ever since.

After receiving the news, his sister Han Ji-won canceled all of her activities and public appearances. At that time, she was scheduled to attend the press conference for her new movie Manhunt, but she withdrew from all promotional activities and mourned with her family.

On January 24, Han Ji-won posted a heartfelt message for her late brother on her Instagram along with a photo of both of them. She wrote, “Beautiful star. I hope that star will be born into a world where it can shine with no limits. The star I love, I hope that star will be happier than anyone else in the world. I hope that star will receive love from everyone in the world. I love you, my beautiful star, Tae-soo.”

She then posted again, showing a painting.

For the caption, she wrote, “Jun Tae-soo <Your sunshine-like beauty>”

My thoughts are with him and his loved ones. May his soul rest in peace and let’s always keep him safe in our hearts.