Known As The Crowded District; Here Are Some Facts About Gangnam You Should Know!

Gangnam Face

Everyone knows that in South Korea it is quite common for a celebrity to have undergone plastic surgery, among which is a former 2NE1 member. Gangnam face or usually called Gangnam unnie stands for a girl who has done a lot of plastic surgeries and has become the epitome or signature of the look.

K-Pop is no exception to this trend and the most popular job in terms of plastic surgery is the double eyelid surgery. Gangnam Unnie did such a plastic surgery to look beautiful.

Basically, if you have big eyes, a small defined nose, small lips, and a v-shaped face, you’re the standard of beauty in Korea, and people spend thousands of dollars to get this effect.  However, nowadays with Korean wave spreading at a high pace, foreigners from Vietnam, Russia, and China are increasingly visiting Korea as medical tourists and make South Korea enter the top three countries known for medical tourism in 2018.

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