Known As The Crowded District; Here Are Some Facts About Gangnam You Should Know!

Gangnam Club


Gangnam is also a popular place for those rich kids who like to party and look attractive. You can tell from how they present themselves. It really is related also to the places they mostly visit in Gangnam, the club with various music and events being the places they look for their social life. In Gangnam, the station is a transit hub and a ton of buses run through the heart of the entertainment area, so finding your way there is mostly easy.

So, it is very common to see a lot of clubs in the Gangnam District, including:

  • Club 88 (클럽 더블에이트) Located near Sinsa Station. This club offers service in English and is foreigner-friendly so it is common to see more foreigners here. The music is mostly in EDM and Hip-hop style. For the bottle service starting at 700,000 KRW ($600).
  • Club Flex (클럽 플렉스) is also located near Sinsa Station. This club used to be called Arena but now it is changed into a new owner. This club has two floors with two different music themes, EDM and Hip-hop. It is quite a popular venue because the crowd is young, attractive, and rich.
  • 토토가요 Totogayo, Korean Style Club with hip-hop music and mostly visited by the clubbers pretty much every night of the week.
  • Woodstock is a club that offers a western-style bar with a huge music selection, specializing in the 60s & 70s rock and blues.
  • Tokyo Jazz This club with jazz music theme offers live piano and vocal in every music night and a jazz combo Thursday and Friday nights 9-12 or later if the club is full. Famous for staying open until the last customer leaves. You will remember the La la Land movie indeed.

Korean BBQ

South Korea has a specialty in Korean Barbecue style. Most people here, if they celebrate something or are having a gathering event, they will choose a barbecue place to visit. They call it samgyeopsal. Here are some recommendations for places to eat BBQ.

Yang Good

This BBQ offers lamb meat with Korean style grilling. Most of the costumers who have left a comment on Trip advisor are satisfied with the food and the service. If you can not eat pork meat then this BBQ place may become an option for you to try Korean Barbecue.

“Very good lamb bbq restaurant. The quality of the meat was good. It’s is reasonably priced. One needs to get there early or have reservations. It gets filled up quickly.”

“Come here to eat halal meat.
But come out smelling like BBQ.
Walk far from the station then can eat.
Must have reservations or must wait very long to get a table.”

Saemaeul Sikdang Nonhyeon Main Store

Korean BBQ is eating meat with a lot of kinds of vegetables provided like garlic, leek sauce, kimchi, lettuce, onion and also original sauce called ssamjang. This combined taste can make the flavor in different stages of deliciousness. You must try the combination. It’s perfect! Even more perfect if you drink soju or mekju/beer.

This place Saemaeul Sikdang Nonnhyeon offers BBQ with reasonable prices in Gangnam!

Here are some comments below:

“I really like the pork belly both spicy & soy sauce are good (the first on the menu, looks like rolled slice meat)
Price reasonable
English menu available
Waitress can speak basic English as well.”

“They gave you the seaweed soup & tofu soup as well.”

“I really liked the food here. It was very tasty and it was cooked in front of us. The lady who served us was in a good mood. She doesn’t speak English but she understands a few basic words. The photo shows the state of our table before leaving.”

“Great BBQ dining experience in Korea style. Like the BBQ pork slice in both spicy and sweet source. The special kimchi pot going with rice and seaweed are new to me and taste excellent. Good to pair with beer or soujo.”

Maple Tree House Gangnam Station

This place is one of the most highly recommended for BBQ places since everything in the service is done by the waitress. Korean BBQ style usually requires the customers to make the grilling process by themselves (that’s the main culture here to start the conversation during the cooking process).

But for the foreigner or to people who have the mindset of being served at this kind of an establishment already and in an easy way to eat, you can still enjoy the Korean BBQ here. A win-win solution!

Here are some reviews from Trip Advisor:

“Fairly well known Korean BBQ restaurant, meat is grilled by the waitress and served on the table. The selection of pork and beef (particular Hanwo sirloin) is good quality.”

“My granddaughters’ first visit and lunch was amazing. Food flavor, presentation, and customer service were outstanding.”

“The food is ok but the staff were very rude and pushy; as an example, we were asked to pay the bill in the middle of our dinner.”

“Most of the menus are for more than 2 people. For a solo traveler, you only have the option of noodles, bibim-baps or soups.”

Plastic Surgery


Gangnam is also the center of cosmetic enhancement surgery. The Gangnam District is the home of 496 clinics which is a third of the countrywide total of 1,469.

This makes South Korea an attractive destination for people looking to make a change in their appearance by being a medical tourist. In 2011, the country’s income from medical tourism income reached $116 million, double from five years earlier, according to government statistics.

Among these is the Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic, where surgeons offer procedures for the rounded eyes and pointy nose (mostly requested) which have become the standard of beauty in Asia. Uh Chul, a cosmetic surgeon said, “A lot of people want to be like they are in Hollywood. There is glamour to it.”

This plastic surgery in Beverly Hills of Seoul was ranging around $1,500 to $2,000, for eyelift while a nose job, hovers around $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the hospital.

It is, of course, an influence from the spread of the Korean Wave. And, most importantly, the quality of the surgical work is not behind the American doctors: they are competitive and offer high-quality work.